28 thoughts on “Game of Thrones | Season 8 | Official Promo: Together (HBO)”

  • YouTube queen coral says:

    Waited waited with baited breath for year and a half….for them to destroy everything they built in a few episodes…fuck d&d forever …and now they're gonna let them fuck up the new lord of the rings show …been looking forward to it for two years…now I'm not so fucking sure…they deserve every bit of hate and then some..that's why they won't even come out in piblic

  • Adrian Badurski says:

    Remeber when i saw this and the trailer first time. I don't know why but the music gave me strong Azor Ahai vibes. F**k you dumb and dumber for ruining epicness of this show.

  • FINAL LIXO… Um desrespeito com a personalidade criada de cada personagem durante toda a série. Lixo é pouco para traduzir a caca que fizeram , simplesmente para não dar um fim plausível e tornar Game of thrones na melhor série de todos os tempos.

  • Dan and dave you should ve ashamed of yourself, this entire season was a disgrace and youve completly destroyed possibly the best story that was ever told. My only hope is that GRRM steers well clear of what you have done when finishing his book. The last ep was the worst, its painfully obvious that you had no clue were to go when left without source material, i could go on all morning but ive wasted enough time on u, SHAME, SHAME, SHAME

  • We havent seen cersei scene – jon scene – dany jon dragonstone scene – dany in winterfell scenes . somethings doesnt match

  • Mennatullah Rafea says:

    Who is here checking the first trailer after the shit show the last five episodes were?
    I regret the decision of making my husband watch with me, now he is angry with me because he thought the final season will wrap up all the unanswered questions. Smh

  • Mavro Polyhromo says:

    I think we haven't seen the jon-danny scene at 0:09. Dany has her hair done. Does it mean that she wins and survivres the war with Cersei?
    And Drogon scene 0:25,many claim that it's Varys' execution.

  • Maybe that's where drogon burned varys. And how they ruined first 3 episodes by showing Jon and dany at dragon stone is beyond me.

  • Raquel Campostrini says:

    0:26 this dragon scene didnt come out yet, and the dragon is kind of different from Drogon or am I going mad too? This dragon seems trapped or in a cave, I dont know, but right now everything its meaning something haha

  • Salucia Unicorn says:

    Well this final season turned out to be a big steaming pile of shite. Thanks for ruining what was once a great show! 👌

  • They literally spoiled episode 3 by showing Jon and Dany made it to Dragonstone after the battle at winterfell. (Talking thrones pointed this out).

  • 0:09 so we have one shot here that we haven’t seen already and it certainly doesn’t look from the battle episode
    this just might prove that at least jon and daenarys survive

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