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The sixth film in the “Terminator” series will pick up where the second film left off, ignoring all the subsequent sequels.

Terminator 6: Dark Fate (2019) is the new action movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton and Mackenzie Davis.

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22 thoughts on “TERMINATOR 6: Dark Fate Trailer 2 (2019)”

  • They really made a mistake on making the Mexican woman the most important thing to save the world…I mean they get pregnant so easily the future is safe no need to watch this movie boo.

  • People are complaining about the protector being a female, but would you really want to see another movie with the exact same stuff as before? I’m actually glad they turned it around a little.

    People also complain about the rev-9 not looking scary enough. Did the t1000 look that scary to you? Terminators are about blending in, not about standing out in the crowd. How can you stalk a target if they see you coming from miles away???

    You guys are like; “I wanna hear the terminator theme in this movie!!” Then you get the terminator theme and than suddenly you guys are like “You cant fool us into going to this movie just with putting the terminator theme in it!”

    Seriously guys… give this movie a fucking chance. You cannot possibly know if it will suck unless you’re a timetravelers.

    I hope for you guys that this movie is going to rock so hard all you haters gonna want to see a sequel but can’t get one because you all made sure it flops beforehand.

    Bunch of dogfarts

  • I better hope JC will stick to the story, being precise and thorough and without any holywoodish nonsenses …. If this is going to be so good and real, we need it to be really GOOD, not some splash of FX all over the screen just because this is the mode these days … fx overrules script / story…fingers crossed

  • Terminator: The Fate of 3 Women. I'm still not sold. So Arnold is gonna teach a kid how to be badass cuz he has a few pop-up targets? Some of the lines are hokey throwbacks. I'm all for a strong female character,and I'm tired of seeing 80 lb women beat everyone up,so at least one is an advanced machine,and the other has lots of weapons. But I have a suspicion that by the 3rd act,the young girls role will be laughable.


  • August 29 Judgement I feel it that way to its right after my birthday its always judgement day my head exploding from all the booze.

  • I feel like I just watched at least 60 per cent of all scenes in the film, so there's not really much point in even watching it. they kill the new terminator, sarah kills arnie, spanish girl becomes a resistance leader, machine girl becomes like a kyle reese something something and then…sequel?

  • Ech… first terminator I'm not excited about. In retrospect, I probably shouldn't be excited about the last one as well. We've all seen this before. Regular terminators, shape shifting terminators, device controlling terminators, terminators that think they're humans, hacked terminators, woman terminators, non-human terminators, face/flesh shooting/burning off, confused people… It's all so repetitive it gets boring. Come on, what's new? Are you out of fresh ideas already? Retirees now? Scraping the bottom of the barrel here. I haven't watched that movie yet, but it feels like I've already seen it.

  • I really don’t know why people are hating on this movie it looks really good to me, I mean I don’t stand with all this feminism crap but this looks really good……

    Or I’m just the only idiot that can’t wait for this movie.

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