8 thoughts on “Mythgard – Gameplay Trailer”

  • I believe there are many features they are introducing that will become standard fare across all CCGs. (Already seeing known cards being flipped in opponents hand in TESL) Exciting, complex, challenging, approachable. You can tell the devs treated this like a labor of love. Looking forward to it being a success. (alpha tester, huge fan)

  • Just downloaded this last night – enjoying it a lot so far! Playing on the phone.. wondering if it's necessary to show the card the opponent burns. It's so small and hard to see, it's almost distracting – maybe it should be face down? I think the card is being played for a split second

  • This game is incredibly cool. There are a ton of fun and flavorful cards that make learning the game a blast. The mana system feels extremely fair and has a lot of strategic depth, which is more than I can say for other ccgs. Card rarity determining deck building limitations makes the rarity system feel purposeful instead of arbitrary, which is important to me since I play on a tight budget. The other amazing features in the trailer speak for themselves. There’s a lot to praise, and I would be happy to see this game succeed!

  • Battlegroup Valkyrie says:

    I've never been so excited for a CCG before, especially a digital one. As an Alpha Tester, I 100% recommend this game.

    ~The Stalker

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