XPhase Pro review. 200mp 360 camera for photography, virtual tours, and real estate (note: it is for 360 photo only, no video). I discuss its 3 KEY FEATURES and 5 WAYS to use its high resolution photos. Plus: XPhase Pro tutorial for mobile and desktop. Find out why it could be the best 360 camera for virtual tours in 2019.

* Get free 128GB drive with XPhase: (if you get an error about missing parameter, pls. click on “XPhase Pro” and try again.)

Part 2 is here:

Table of contents:
00:54 Specifications
01:39 Lens design
02:28 Are the specs real or exaggerated? Is it just upscaled?
03:13 XPhase tutorial: How to shoot with the XPhase
03:48 3 Key advantages
06:58 XPhase tutorial: using the app
07:54 XPhase image quality analysis (strengths and weaknesses): detail, dynamic range, chromatic aberration, stitching quality
10:08 Xphase tutorial: desktop workflow
11:40 5 ways to use XPhase’s high resolution photos
13:37 What I haven’t talked about: comparison with DSLR

Note: XPhase Pro hardware is being upgraded in August 2019. The upgrades will include these improvements:
1. Raw DNG Mode, for easier workflow, and possibly improved quality.
2. HDR increased from 3 shots to 6 shots, for better dynamic range.
3. Manual exposure.
4. Better lens consistency (to fix the backfocus issue)

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source: https://mirchigossips.in

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27 thoughts on “TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE? 200mp XPhase Review (2019 virtual tour 360 camera)”

  • BlueScreenOfDead says:

    hmm, interesting, but does it have gyro ? ,so that u can angle the camera in any position, or do u need to have it leveld perfect horizontal ?

  • They do not accept credit card and adding so much service charge and shipping taking it to almost 1000 usd
    Also, they are taking almost 25 days to ship once ordered. Can we trust this site? Is there any other site selling it? I did not find it on Amazon. Ordering today will shop around 30th September.

  • Nice video! You convinced me to cancel my order of the Z1 and go for this. I do have a question, if you know, and that is do you know if the app is in English? I see that it is in, what looks like, Chinese, but there is no info on if the app is in English. One other thing that was a bit disappointing is the fact that it uses USB 2.0 versus 3.0. Kind of shocking for what seems like a possible massive file size. So transfer speeds will be greatly reduced.

  • AerialExplorer says:

    Is the handle part of the camera, or can you remove it? I understand it has a standard tripod mount point – is this on the handle, or the main section of the camera?

  • Mic I just came across the DJI Pano mode where it takes 26 photos and stitches them together. I did it in RAW and stitched them in PTGui. It is the biggest 360 photo I have taken. With 26 x 20MP thats a 520MP capture. Fantastic for landscapes taken from 300 ft high. The drone does all the work automatically and even stitches a jpg version. Apparently this has been available since Nov 2017.

  • Videogame Vegas says:

    Great review!

    I wonder how these pictures would look on a lower resolution headset like the Oculus Go. I'm loving this new camera!


  • Love your content! Would you say this xphase camera is better than the Ricoh theta z1 for real estate tours? Or what would you recommend? Thanks!

  • Stanislav Stoynev says:

    Hi, is there an official site of this camera and where we can find the software? Any warranties? Very good review by the way.

  • I love that it looks like you don’t have to live I fear of damaging the lenses. I love that it looks like taking a photo and video is pretty simple with the click of a button, no squinting into a dark display. But if I can’t edit video on my mobile devices like the insta 360x, I’m out.

  • Hmmmm i do not think the distributor acts serious… No answer in comunication. Tue r problem will je with the pricetag they want they are not compatible with the trump tax laws…

  • Communications & Design Group says:

    Panono just f*** us all!! As of September they r charging .79 Euro per pic, to process!!!! They have gotta be out of their minds!! They just went out of business and don't know it.

    We need stitching options. Mike, need to update ur review with this info against the Xphase and release it quick.

  • Are you telling that this camera costs 849 dollars and it's much better than Z1? And it could be the best and adorable camera for Virtual Tours?

  • You’ve stated that RAW support coming in August. Is that going to be an all new hardware model, or just a firmware/software update?

    eg: if I but a Pro unit today, I can add raw support when it is available

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