23 thoughts on “SKIN IN THE GAME Official Trailer (2019) Thriller Movie”

  • Wow, why can't people be nice. Instead, many people are turning a movie review into something racially motivated. Pleeeeaaassssse….. ughhhhhhhh. It's so ridiculous. There are plenty of movies with a token white person and we aren't complaining about that.
    I guess I don't understand why so many individuals want to keep perpetuating hate.
    Just my opinion.

  • everytime black people play these roles… it's just another contribution to the agenda. they so pressed to be in Movie… they don't see they are being used. looking at this trailer is no different than any other ones in which the role of the black people is to further condition you. they don't see it. it's the saddest thing ever.

  • Must be the dumbest criminal in the world. Kidnapping a teenager off the streets? Then you better keep her locked up somewhere she can't talk to anyone, because you'll be spending the rest of your life in jail as soon as she does. Not a smart money making proposition. Easier way is to befriend one and get them hooked on drugs, that's how they really do it.

  • Looks low budget but I bet it’s good. I wouldn’t have ever know about this movie if it wasn’t for that terrible lace front with cornrows in the thumbnail. No budget for that, I guess. Gonna watch it now.

  • Why is the black people always saving white people in the movie, I haven't see any movie or real life event that white people saving black people lives.

  • hannah dockerty says:

    How pathetic it is to see racist people still acting like, over a movie?! White people this , white people that. It’s 2019 :/ gtfu

  • Why couldn't it be a movie about Kentucky Derby, and how these rich white senators, governor's, and business men come to Kentucky every year and do whatever they want to children as young as 3 months old. Trafficking is a real thing, but please let's stop with the hood movies about an abusive black man okay???. Human trafficking including boys and men and girls of all ages is very serious and very real. These kids that come up missing are being sold into sex slavery every day and the people strong enough to stop them are the ones running the show. Please protect your loved ones and speak to them about what's going on. Pray over them every chance you get.

  • TELL THE TRUTH says:

    why do black women in real life always want to save white people? i wish i could send those fools back to slavery for a day………they would never want to save no white people after that.

    if black women or men saved black children we would become great again. but no…..you fools love zaddy

  • Basically, she’s out there caping to save the white girl whose mom told her she was banned from seeing. Is mom also going undercover as a hoe to rescue her daughter?

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