Go behind the scenes of Game of Thrones’ final season, including the show’s final table reads and the cast’s emotional reaction to saying goodbye to the show. Game of Thrones: The Last Watch airs May 26 on HBO.

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20 thoughts on “Watch HBO’s Game of Thrones Documentary Trailer | The Last Watch”

  • Halofan117 Halofan says:

    Loved all the great cast and crew on this show. Although the writing was kinda bad in season 8 I still loved watching all these great characters in there final on screen moments

  • The reaction kit had and him crying isn't because his character kill Danny, its s reaction of a man who just waisted 9 years of his life for terrible script writing, just like the rest of us

  • I'd like to extend a huge congratulations to the whole team! You are amazing guys! Incredible what you achieve! Thanks a million! D&D: You screwed up! You suck!

  • it's SO SAD to see how all these cast and crew worked so hard but writers fucked up the story so bad that the fans could hardly enjoy any of it.

  • Shihan Wickramasinghe says:

    what we need to realise is that this is GOT. Nothing goes the way we think it will. Think back to the season 1 finale and ned stark. this is what makes Got so good

  • I for one am not disappointed by the final season. Sure, I don't like the turn things have taken with daeny and everything, but there was no way we'd be happy with the ending we get no matter what. The expectations were too high and thats on us, we'd have been disappointed no matter what, so let's just remember that this is still an amazing show, even if the ending does become it's weakest part, it does not define it.

  • After knowing that Kit cried 2 times during the table read (probably) on how they sidelined his character completely, while taking away his 7 year long arc and reading how Emilia Clarke wandered aimlessly for 3 hours around London and also had to drink after reading the script, it's very distasteful how dishonest the tone of this behind the scenes clip sounds. Also Peter's statement and his facial expression after talking "good" about D+D speaks volumes. The actors seem to be even more devastated of season 8's bad writing than the viewers. The cast did absolutely nothing wrong, they deserve so much better. We fans love every single one of them and we want them to know, that this season's failure was not caused by them. All the love in the world to Kit, Peter, Emilia, Nicolai, Lena, Maisie and everyone else!!

  • thatonedrewguy says:

    Don't call them family, you steered the cast straight into oblivion. I can't even imagine how they feel.

    "But Dany always had hints of madness!"

    Sure, but Dany wouldn't just kill innocents. If they were disgusted by her arrival and threw literal shit at her, MAYBE I'd get it. Everybody on this show has lost people they love, they didn't start slaughtering women and children over it….except Cersei, but even she fell apart at the end.

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