(Live) Campaign Gameplay in a Few – Modern Warfare Campaign Trailer | PlayStation Livestream.
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So today Playstation is live streaming state of play and we’re hearing that Call of Duty will reveal Modern Warfare campaign gameplay.

Hopefully they show a good Modern Warfare campaign gameplay at Sony PlayStation State of Play live stream and this is going to be my reaction stream.

We got the Official Call of Duty Modern Warfare reveal trailer & gameplay a while ago. Yes, this years Call of Duty is a Modern Warfare reboot and it is the 4th MW game in the series so technically you can call it MW4. But it is not really MW4.

We’ve also have a ton of new info coming out, we already know Call of Duty Modern Warfare release date is set on October 25th. There are also a ton of leaks on the fact that Modern Warfare Battle Royale mode will be free to play. And on top, we’ve got a ton of MW4 gameplay to look forward to.

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