The supreme court has heard that Boris Johnson’s suspension of parliament was an unlawful act that removed ‘the ability of parliament to legislate’ as the opening statements were made in the legal challenge to his decision to prorogue parliament in August. Richard Keen, representing the government, insisted there was nothing improper in the government’s behaviour and that there were previous cases of governments suspending parliament for ‘extensive periods of time’.
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JoJohnson’s suspension of parliament ‘unlawful abuse of power’ ►

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24 thoughts on “No PM in 50 years has abused prorogation powers like Boris Johnson, supreme court told”

  • Look, if you read the Russian constitution, it looks superior to the largely unwritten UK constitution which works via Royal Prerogatives and convention (which may seem like patchwork or a quilt). So have faith in and respect the UK people (who voted LEAVE). Don't thwart the will of the people by complaining to the courts. The UK constitutional conventions which have worked well for centuries should be left alone. Power to the people!!

  • TheSportsman1977 says:

    Hoping the Judge rips John Major a new one! He prorogued parliament for a whole host of things! Gordon Brown also did the same. Not sure about Blair, does anyone know?

  • Russian Troll so Im told says:

    The Gloves are off Boris so do whatever is necessary to honour the referendum vote and uphold our democracy!…. if the courts find against you then reopen Parliament and immediately prorogue it again…. Job Done!

  • Merkel: “Nation states must today be prepared to give up their sovereignty” November 2018

    “The world order of tomorrow is not based on nation states it’s based on empires” verhofstadt sept 2019

    See the threat ??

  • No parliament has IGNORED the Majority Vote by the People of the UK. THE MPs have done ALL they can to Block BREXIT from taking Place . MPs have a socialist agenda and money of their own invested in the UE and donot want to leave , vote of the people means nothing to Socialist every where. and the house of Lord s even today donot have any respect for Commons.

  • He hasn't abused anything ,He is acting with in the law to protect the will of the peoples vote….The only abuse i see here is YOU The title of your paper is a joke..who are you a Guardian of???? Not the peoples vote thats for sure.

  • John Major.

    He's got some neck backing this case.
    Not only did he cheat on his wife WHILST IN GOVERNMENT with another government minister, Edwina Currie.
    Not only did he prorogue Parliament himself in order to avoid scrutiny over the cash-for-questions scandal.
    He also ratified the Maastricht Treaty (without a referendum) that led to the creation of the European Union (as opposed to the previous EEC). This in turn led to the Lisbon Treaty and tied us so closely to the EU that it made the current process of leaving much more difficult.
    Total a-hole.

  • Johnson's suspension of parliament 'unlawful abuse of power' ►

  • Boris has many of his friends heavily invested in a no deal brexit scenario. he won’t accept a deal even if he was offered one.

  • Female Ranger of Norrath says:

    Dear "The Guardian", and friends,
    I wish to have the song played:
    "Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard"
    By: Paul Simon
    Everytime Prorogation is discussed for 500 billion hours. 🕰 👀
    The lyrics say it all.
    Love from 💜
    Michigan, USA 🇺🇸
    Peace ✌

  • At least John major wasn't a womanizer who cheated on his wife and got caught
    Oh wait a minute
    I think I better work it out again sorry

  • Peter Hutchinson says:

    how is Boris abusing his power is standard procedure to suspend parliament for a new prime minister to take over a party that hasn't win a majority

  • For what purpose does the Monarchy serve the UK? It seems to me that the Queen who has remained impartial and served upon the advise given by her privy councillors that she is to be made a fool off. To accuse Boris of any wrong-doing is to accuse the Queen for carrying out the Prorogation on his behalf. At the end of day the Queen has exercised her duty and that must be respected by Parliamentarians and by courts of law. Taking the elected governing party to court over disagreement's dilutes parliament and ruins democracy, because it would make every decision taken by an elected party overturned by the courts. So a fine line has been crossed here testing the powers that be. Prorogation has been suspended for far worse than Brexit in the past and never once has it gone before the courts. So why now?

    Parliamentarians wish to stiffle, prolong, thwart or abolish Brexit in it's entirety, so before judges deliberate they wanna ask the rebels what do they plan to do within the time given to prorogation if the courts lift prorogation? If parliament's answers indicate delay without cause then Prorogation should continue that's my stance on it.
    I will make this clear: this taking elected party governments to court should never be allowed again.

  • This is just a side show and a waste of time and money. There are far more important things to do and achieve. Who really cares about Boris cutting short Parliament by about 5 days anyway? Not the general public I can tell you. Just some self righteous do-gooders. And what would those 5 days achieve anyway? I think politicians have had ample time to talk politics amongst themselves. They have had over 3 years talking about Brexit to death and they still haven’t sorted this mess out!

  • Her Majesty was advised by the Privvy council, not the PM. Who is to say Rees Mogg etc gave her different advice? Now theres a technicality staight away.
    I think you will find that the hypocrite Major prorogued parliament 22 years ago to stop investigations into MPs basically taking bribes like richard severn says.

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