In Dumpster Diving Game, you roam around the map dumpster diving stores and re-selling the items you found at a pawn shop. With the money earned, you can buy various things and upgrades, such as a guard dog that chases away police officers, cosmetic changes, and hunger upgrades. You can also spend your earnings on a bus ticket to take an interesting tour around the city! There are two obstacles in this game. The first is police officers who don’t like dumpster divers. They will chase you down and try to take your items, fine you, and jail you. The second obstacle is hunger. Keep your hunger meter from hitting 0 by either eating food from food-dumpsters or by buying it from the store.

Get Dumpster Diving Game here:

Throughout development I frequently made developer logs regarding this game; they are linked here​:

Feel free to re-upload this trailer! Just remember to provide links to the download :). Here’s the trailer:


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3 thoughts on “Dumpster Diving Game – Official Trailer”

  • Never mind my last question i clicked the link and see you can purchase and down load the game i will let others know about your game 🙂

  • That is a awesome game you will have to excuse me i know very little about video games now i grew up with Pac-Man and Space invaders when will we be able to play or download this game this game? What are your plans?

  • Can you port this to Android eventually? Great to see you released your solo-developed game! Looking forward to what you do next 👍

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