Marvel’s Avengers A Day Gameplay Gamescon Trailer Reaction!
Finally some gameplay footage from Gamescon 2019 to show off what each character can do! What character are you looking forward to playing as?

Timestamps Listed Below:👇🏽👇🏿👇🏾

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Raven Rant: 23:07

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47 thoughts on “Marvel’s Avengers A Day Gameplay Gamescon Trailer Reaction”

  • Is it me, or does Black Widows shooting mechanics resembles the classic Tomb Raider style of shooting? Not sure how I feel about that.

  • Yea what Sam said was true, hulk could literally jump the whole bridge in one leap, so all that unnecessary jumping didn't have to be in there, looks like it would be repetitive in some parts especially with some of the fighting from thor and black widow mostly, but as said hopefully it will give you the option of having more special moves in certain points of the game, or it's one of those games which let you level up, let's see what happens, it's too early in the game, but from what I've seen, it's just OK, it's a 4.5 maybe 5/10 for me

  • It just seems to linear, and the heavy hitters like Thor and Hulk don't look fun becuase the enemies are clearly not on their power levels. It's why games with street levellers like Batman or Spiderman are so fun because they have complex combat and have human enemies, Thor should be fighting higher level enemies and Hulks combat is very simple

  • This is the single player story mode, it's supposed to be a cinematic story. The multiplayer coop aspect has it's own story and is more open world

  • Before you all go Critics mode on this game, just remember that this is still in pre alpha and the game's release date is next year so there are still a lot of improvement to be added, also.. This part of the game is just the prologue so there are lots of cutscenes to expect. If you felt bored of this game, it's because you are watching it and not expiriencing it yourself.

  • Im pretty sure this game for designed for teenagers and younger to play as their favorite heroes and have fun doing it while we in our 20s online being Soo over analytical.. it's a shame really. Personally if I don't like it it doesn't bother me, once there's a group of people that does and the interest in the characters never die then I'd be happy.

  • I wish we got a fully fledged Iron Man game so that they can flesh out all his abilities, this seems like he'll be toned down a bit because he's just one character in a bigger game.

  • this is just a tutorial gameplay and its on easy mode for begginers, also the game will include gear customization and costumes for the characters, skills and special moves upgrading.

  • Deshea Shavers says:

    Modok is the main villain. It’s just the alpha build which means this is just an example of what the gameplay is like. God of War showed a mediocre alpha build at E3 and look at how that turned out.

  • This is a prologue my guy , ofcourse they gonna show each of the character.. but I think after this , you gotta pick ur character , focus on that and upgrades some moves

    please be better in analyzing stuff dudes

  • Dude if Hulk jumped from one side of the bridge to the other with the bridge being that unstable, there is a super high chance that the entire bridge would collapse. So it makes total sense why Hulk would not do that when there are TONS of people on the bridge

  • Darius Thrasher says:

    So while you are on Taskmaster back you control the punching. Like im more optimistic than before but to me they gotta come out with some customization for outfits and combo moves. Thor is the only one i really didn't feel was right. I want to be able to play the cinematic scenes and I agree with Joe you got to do certain things at certain times . But yea like Sam said maybe you able to build the powers out. Raven right tho way too long in the presentation. Should've chop it like Mk11 enough story enough fight and the good stuff. They did it this way to prove something lol

  • daisuke uchiha says:

    Your complaints makes no sense you know it's good plus this is the pre beta so things are going to be different when it's finished

  • That taskmaster fight kinda sucked lol, sure it looks nice but gameplay wise was too simple, just a lot of mashing.The Mr.Freeze boss fight from Batman Arkham City was more complex making it so you can’t do the same thing twice like Joe said. There’s still a lot of time left so here’s hoping they can change some things up

  • I feel like the only part that was a little long was the Black Widow bit. I mean it's a gameplay reveal. Feel like we came in with too many expectations that's coloring our reaction to what the game is meant to be. Overall felt a bit nitpicky.

  • If this game combines gameplay with cinematic cut scenes, I'm fine with that. It'll be like being apart of an Avengers movie. I enjoyed what I saw and can't wait for this game! it doesn't come out until May, so that's plenty of time for the developers to go in and work out whatever needs to be fixed and smoothed out before the release date.

  • Guys this comes out NEXT year 2020 they have a TON of work left and they most likely have so much more to do in terms of specials and combos. Wait till it comes out

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