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Deathgarden™: BLOODHARVEST is a multiplayer survival action game in which a ruthless hunter tracks and guns down scavengers, desperate individuals trying to survive and escape the DEATHGARDEN.

The TERMINATOR Set for Deathgarden introduces a cosmetic Set for The Poacher, inspired by the iconic movie franchise. As The Poacher, you can now enter the garden with the legendary T-800 Endoskeleton Complete Set (Weapon skin, Mask and Outfit).

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Key features

The Bloodharvest

In this fast-paced survival title, one unstoppable Hunter must track down and kill scavengers, who are desperately trying to escape their tormenter’s grasp. Nimble scavengers must stealthily explore the Deathgarden, hoping to gather and deliver enough blood to open the exits and get out alive.

Unique characters & playstyles

Every hunter and scavenger has unique powers and customizable loadouts. Upgrade your characters and unlock higher progression tiers by spending your hard-earned resources and completing challenges.

Frantic and Brutal Gameplay

Scavenge for blood in third person or hunt for kills in first person. Players must think fast and act quickly if they are to succeed in the arena. Hunters, who’s sole objective is to track down and kill scavengers, control the playing field by setting up dynamic traps for their prey. With the hunters’ net ever closing in around them, scavengers must deliver blood and amass resources, while hoping to survive high intensity chases.

Thematic Gardens

Each thematic map is procedurally generated and has a direct impact on your experience. As hunters and scavengers, you’ll need to adapt your playstyle and strategy to the map in which you play. Weather conditions, visibility, structures, vegetation and elevations will vary greatly and impact your gameplay experience in meaningful ways.

As Deathgarden continues to grow, you are bound to meet new hunters and scavengers, discover new maps, experiment with new weapons and powers, and take on additional challenges and seasonal events that will enrich your gameplay experience.

Official licensor Studiocanal S.A.S.

About Studiocanal S.A.S.

Studiocanal is a subsidiary of the Canal+ Group. It is one of Europe’s leading companies in the market for co-production, acquisition, distribution and sales of international feature films and TV series. Studiocanal is the only studio which operates simultaneously in three main European territories – France, the United Kingdom and Germany – as well as in Australia and New Zealand.

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28 thoughts on “Deathgarden: BLOODHARVEST Gameplay Trailer”

  • Maybe work on Warhammer 40000 Eternal Crusade cause Idk about you guys at bE, but I can speak from experience, 40k fans are not financially responsible when it comes to anything 40k, so maybe give the game a dev team so that we can spend money on it and you guys can make money off us? Just a thought.

  • CuriositéCat- says:

    i fairly recommending or not recommending this game..
    have 80 hrs on account.

    and its fun, if you playng with 'friends' or soloing killers.

    just the concept is unique but the mechanic is very bizzarre. noting much good or bad.


  • hello – an error message (bug report)
    I have the problem that the game in the main menu (where you can walk around) at the "character change"
    location sometimes reproducible crash with an error message, which I will write here shortly. The game
    then just goes out. that has happened to me at 6-8h playing time determined 10 times.

  • Gonna redownload this game hoping it isn't the trash I pre-ordered last year. From what i've seen the revamp is looking decent.

  • The skins that exist already in DBD make me afraid of this one since it has the same developers.
    Also was reading comments, nice learning that these kind of games are called asymetrical or something along those lines. I didn't know anything else besides the few shitty ones on Steam and DBD which is by far my favourite and the most well executed one that I know. The other ones have negative reviews mostly or mixed ones. Is there any other good titles that are the same genre except DBD? I would like to try since the genre feels good. And the horror aspect in DBD is not really horror, to me it's more like just the mechanics of the game and the scenery around there; but the feeling of the horror is not there.

    Also, kinda getting off-topic, but I love the fact how immersive DBD still can be, I don't know about Deathgarden, someone could tell me their anecdotal experiences.
    But in DBD does it just right, pretty much I'm humming when carrying the survivors to hooks, smirking when I find one and then even sometimes talking out loud something like "Oh no you didn't" if someone doe something. It is plenty of fun. And as a survivor it is still fun, my gametime is 50/50 split into both since I have played Survive with friends plenty and some games with randoms. But Solo the killer is more desirable and is a good bloodpoint harvest. As a survivor there the horror is more like tension, you running and almost getting out or getting out just barely from the grasp of the killer. Or almost getting hooked by the third time but someone saves you with a flashlight or pallet; It is awesome. I am pretty sure I'm having my own autistic fun in the Dead by Daylight.

    But it's weird, there are a lot of streamers who are into that "immersion stuff"; and some even play with voice changers on their stream and then the furthest and the most highest on autism spectrum (Not being offensive, just stating a fact, and it is still fun and entertaining, I do not mean like it is a bad thing. It's more like a lot of people could hate it and I could see people hating it; hence I say how it is for a fact) that I have seen is a person who has named themselves "Entity's left hand", which is the thing that you offer the survivors to and have to "Please the entity".

    He acts like he is it's left hand and after every game says something like "Entity is pleased" or was it "Thank you, we are pleased" or something along those lines. Like "Thank you for pleasing the entity with me". A weirdo but he gains viewers so there are people likeminded or something and that isn't bad.
    The weirdest place to rant about a person who rationalizes griefing by saying it's roleplaying, and does not breakt he character on stream when getting called out for it. just laughs with his voice changer and explains that the entity this and the entity that. Like please. Somebody tell me that he has stopped the griefing, I do not want to go and check myself

    in the post-game lobby. It is kinda cringe sometimes, and he has griefed weirdly in the past; for example if a survivor spams flashlight on him, or pallet loops him in an infinite loop, he puts them on some target list
    (The killer can see the survivors in the lobby before the game starts). And says that he will facecamp them or you know Mori them, slug them. He will ruin the other player's gaming experience to be specific and other players also get a ruined game since where is the fun when you are not getting targeted and the objectives are not being in the focus by both parties aka killer and the survivors.

    It's because the "Entity's Left Hand" wants the games to be immersive and that's why he will ruin people and make them quit who do not play with his rules. And the things he has on his weird rule list on his stream, that nobody else can see of course in the game and survivors can't see who is the killer b4 the game or during the game; only afterwards.

    If those were thing that were bugs or wrong things in the game, like running a circle if he keeps chasing you, like why won't you keep running if there is windows that you can hop and so on. The killer should just go back to generators and focus on the objectives rather than keep chasing one until the game is almost done and then slugging the person since they did not obey the rules.
    *Slugging means that you put a survivor down and do not pick the survivor up to a sacrifice hook; which is the killer's objective. The time the survivors can bleed on the ground is multiple minutes, since it is not considered something that a killer would do (aka slug) since it deranks them, stalls their objective progress and wastes time.

    The long bleeding time is so the survivor can crawl to a safety or hide if the killer leaves for other people to kill, which is optimal since there is 1 less person doing generators, but then when you chase 1, there is 1 person helping the survivor up so from total of 4 survivors it's a lot of time wasted. BUT, if the killer just put the survivor on the hook it would be different. I know I'm ranting, I just personally hate the streamer since he rationalizes what he does because he is roleplaying. You can't rationalize griefing by saying you are roleplaying, there is no excuses for it.

    The long bleedout time is for the survivors and yes a killer can leave the person on the ground and come back to pick them up and then carry 2 people to hooks if they get 2 people down. But if the stay on the body, nobody will come and save the person since they will get hit, so they keep doing the generators, so you got 3 people doing gens, 1 on the ground and you not completing the objective; aka bringing sacrifices to the entity.

    Isn't he being kinda like a walking paradox, if he has to please the entity as it's left hand, but then displeases.

  • the only thing I don't like so far is the exits opening at the end of the timer every time you get down to the last two there's no reason to not just wait it out

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