8 thoughts on “Du lịch Hạ Long Bằng Phà”

  • As a Hardcore Trump Supporter of over 5 years, 3 books, countless rallies,,
    I am Over The Wasted Time
    Unrelenting Public Battle with The TREASONOUS MSM. The Entire Obasturd Administration is Laughing at Trump and Barr and America

  • Why does Savage CONTINUE TO LIE about the late Justice Scalia's death? Scalia was NOT staying in some cheap Mexican motel on the border! He was staying at the exclusive CIBOLO CREEK RANCH, in Marfa, Texas, a resort he visited numerous times! This 30,000 acre ranch/resort has luxuriously and elegantly -appointed rooms with fireplaces, spectacular views, fabulous food, a fitness center and spa! Beds are outfitted with Pretasi sheets and 100% toose down pillows. Standard rooms start at $500/day and go up from there!

  • Pasquale Gelardi says:

    What happened to the pork barrel spending in government ??
    Why is no commission designed to ferret out pork barrel spending and remove from taxpayers responsibilities this Communist plot.

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