Play Fallback. Live an epic, rogue-like adventure. You are your underground civilization’s only hope. Overthrow the Artificial Intelligence enslaving your people, and lead them back to the surface. Fallback launches October 11.


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FALLBACK is a tale about humanity restored after a cataclysmic ecological disaster. The Artificial Intelligence that once saved your people now enslaves them, and you are their only hope.

Stay on the lookout while climbing and sneaking through the maze of an industrial underworld filled with secrets and hidden dangers. Loot and collect ancient artifacts. Slay the mad Artificial Intelligence controlling your underground civilization. Reach the surface your ancestors escaped from.

·Stunning neo-retro visuals: Explore in- game cinematic effects supported by high-end, bespoke technologies.

·Fast-paced combat: Fight the robots that imprisoned your people in an ever-changing landscape. Be prepared for unstoppable power trips and painful deaths.

·Ecological tale: Between bursts of fast-paced actions, you may catch yourself reflecting upon how this civilization ended up there, and how that compares to our own.


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