36 thoughts on “Men Have Become “Economically Unattractive” As Women Earn more Money And Graduate College”

  • SippinThat Tea2 says:

    I can't speak for all women, but media does set the examples on what a women should be dating. They always address how a guy should look, height and job. Money is a topic mostly discussed. But I blame some men for inflating thots egos. And now all women want to be treated like a queen, so they start to behave like unbearable brats.

    One thing female can't stand are other females.

  • Im 27 and single now. Over the last 8 years I have dated 5 different girls and all 5 acted the same way, as long as I payed for everything the apartment, gas money, dinners they were happy but their requests kept growing larger and larger. I am so happy i have been single for over a year now and I have no intention to date or get involved with someone any time soon. My wallet is full of money, I got absolute peace in my home I don't have to fufill anyones elses desires but my own. Im enjoying the heck out of my life every single day!

  • Who are the people who carry out these surveys? I dont think men choose women based on looks neither do women choose men based on money or status (except certain weird exceptions). I think both sides are basically looking for love and a meeting of minds.

  • People constantly shit on men, and then are surprised that men aren't fulfilling their 'duty' to make life easy and comfortable for women

    It will self correct eventually. Women ultimately depend on men and there's no denying nature/reality. They'll keep pushing and men will keep deciding 'well fuck you lol I'll look after myself and not bother with you'. Give it time and it will blow up in their faces – probably in 10-20 years when a huge swath of women realise they should have married and had a family but scorned it all… And now they're too old

  • Uhh, graduating college isn't a good thing anymore Timmy. For decades everyone has bought into the ideal that to get a good job you need to go to college and take on mountain of debt. It's created an oversaturation of degree holders and jobs that require skill are vastly underemployed which is why they are making 2-4x what a college kid makes coming out of a 4-6 year program. Welding and pipe fitters down here in the gulf at the shipyards, make really good money. Foreman's are pulling three figures.

  • Katie E. McLoughlin 🇺🇸 says:

    Feminism was a mistake. I would argue it's the greatest mistake we've ever made. The sacred structure of our families, cultures, communities, and all that fulfills our lives in a meaningful way is rotting away because of it

  • oh no their well of resources is going a little bit dry, woes them. Their pool of resources is still as full as their cup on a friday night so its hard for me to care.
    as a college guy, because I have a bit of green and some cash in the stock market along with a degree that is actually worth something, I get women trying to get stuff all the time its quite annoying to the point where I miss being broke.

  • Maybe it’s because women are addicted to being complimented and can see men who have millions of dollars 24/7 on IG and refuse to settle for less. Even though that’s all they really can do.

  • Peter Moygannon says:

    the beauty of it all is I don't want to date these promiscuous entitled thots anyway…the amount of complaints about woman ..all for poon..if you want some you will pay. don't touch don't pay.

  • Do you remember a time, when Jordan Peterson had to explain from the men's point of view what an "enforced monogamy" is? Women need an explanation too… But the feminist crowd scream way too loud…

  • Yea women find men unattractive because they don't have enough money nor enough savings nor enough status. I don't date American women anymore

  • Rhys Proudmourne says:

    I think the issue is far more complex than this article or you believe it is. And you neglected the largest factor. Men are the ones that actually hold the key for commitment and marriage, not women. Men are opting out of the marriage scene more and more because there is less and less reason for a man to be married. Men are still being held to their traditional role in the marriage marketplace, but women aren't and that makes women far less attractive to wife up. This is different than dating or sex, they are separate.

    We have no idea the damage that feminism has caused on men other than without the gender roles, men are killing themselves more, but men are relatively the same on the happiness scale; whereas women are going lower on the happiness scale and are more medicated than ever before.

    With women bringing much more debt and less viable jobs from their college debt, they're looking for men to pay for their consumer and college debt, but the men aren't going to get a traditional woman from it. The price goes up but the quality has greatly diminished.

  • Women want a way out and a way to be off the hook and to secure dat bag…
    Men just want a loyal, appreciative woman who's not to bad on the eyes, and doesn't have to prove that she's a "strong, fierce woman" every day of their lives….
    Men lose all the way around when it goes bad….no need for that.


  • Hydrolisky The master of π says:

    The cost of meaningful intercourse has gone up from 20,000 a year to 46,000+

    What happened to the wage gap stopping women from there own independence? Because I thought the issue was men making more money and now the issue is men don't make enough money??

    It really makes you wonder in the age of self medicated individuals on 2 – 4 different receptor blocking depressants as well as barbiturate anxiety medications why people are loosing there minds and blowing stuff up shooting and harming people, will the next big mass shooting be spear headed by a woman Because her significant other makes less then 30,000 a year and they can't live comfortably??

    World is a crazy place and people do not want to take Into account the outcome of there own personal actions and responses.

  • The ad that played at the end of this video for The Mad Gaze glasses was an example of how the media constantly pedastalizes women above men. The two men shown use the tool for games or movies while the one women shown uses is to further her career. When all of society drowns men in demonstrations of how inadequate we are perceived to be, why then expect us to grow to be anything else?

  • MelanicDisaster says:

    The fact that the term "economically unattractive" is a phrase is the problem. Such a thing should not determine what kind of person a man is. If their living in poverty sure it's probably not the best option. But to pass up a middle class or even higher class guy because he isn't as rich as women would like, is absolutely pathetic and childish. You know who cares about being spoiled by a rich caretaker? CHILDREN. Little kids who are dependent, immature, and ill equipped for the real world care about being taken care of by a monetarily advantaged person. The fact that such a large number of women exhibit the same behavior and view, says so much about their level of maturity and personal accountability. As in what we already know, a huge amount of western women lack accountability and responsibility, and that is why they seek men to take care of them like a child wants a rich parent.

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