During the state of play 24th september 2019 Playstation has finally released a new video for the last of us part ii, the sequel to tlou developed by naughty dog.

The Last of Us Part II – Official NEW Gameplay Trailer – State Of Play

The video of the last of us 2 of the state of play shows new sequences of the game after more than a year, the last appearance of the last of us 2 was in fact at E3 2018. During the presentation at E3 2018 sony had shown a long the last of us part 2 gameplay demo that showed the new gameplay mechanics and really stunning graphics as well as a more grown Ellie than the first chapter of the last of us.

The last of us part the new gameplay trailer shown during playstation state of play shows some brand new gameplay sequences for the game and some new details about the game’s plot. During the last of us part 2 2019 trailer we can see some new characters and a decidedly more mature and revenge-seeking Ellie. The last of us part 2 trailer also contains some new gameplay sequences in different game situations, some new enemies and even the official reveal of Joel, which appears for the first time since the official announcement of the last of us part 2.

At the end of the trailer the official release date of the game set for February 21st 2020 is also revealed.

A few days ago, before the state of play of 24 september, Sony officially confirmed the presence of the last of us part ii on the live playstation streaming, in addition to this Neil Druckmann has released several teaser trailers for the game. a teaser tied to a knife and a hammer was shown, complete with quote. “I’m gonna find … and i’m gonna kill … every last one of them” is a phrase that Ellie pronounces in the first reveal trailer of The Last of Us 2 of PlayStation Experience 2016. We then have another teaser, with a bracelet he wears from Dina, the girl with whom Ellie dances in the E3 2019 trailer. Also the phrase “They should be terrifiend of you” and finally we have the teaser dedicated to a broken wristwatch, with the phrase “You really gonna go through with this? “.

We don’t know much about the history of last of us part 2 so far, but naughty dog ​​started development in 2014 Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson resumed their respective roles as Joel and Ellie. The script of the video game was written by Neil Druckmann and Halley Gross. The composer Gustavo Santaolalla returns in the second chapter to compose the soundtracks, so the last of us 2 is certainly in very good hands.

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