Yamaha X-Max 300 meets the new C400GT – the first mid-size BMW maxi-scooter and the Sym Cruisym 300i. The cool and stylish Vespa GTS 300 HPE joins the show and the nimble and big-wheeled Piaggio Beverly 300 S tries to overtake all of them. We picked some of the most wanted scooters on the market for this review.

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20 thoughts on “2019 Mid-Size Scooters Shootout”

  • Bernardo Bartolome says:

    I had a Yamaha XMAX 300 – 2019 model matte gray color i bought it last July 01 a week old from now , i'm so happy coz it's very easy to used or to drive and i have no regrets at all . . . for me yamaha is the best scooter 👌😄👍

  • What ,,,,No Suzuki????? How can you do a big bike test without one of the Burgman. Even the 400 would be better than three of the others in your test. Better wind protection, better rain protection and proven for many years before most of those were even conceived. Thumbs down until you guys get the whole group…

  • Suzuki do a Burgman 200cc. It's a cracking scooter that can cruise at 75 Mph and has better fuel consumption than all of those reviewed, and lots of underseat storage. It won't out accelerate the reviewed scooters but it will easily keep up on most roads. Its only downside is the floorboards are a bit too high and with the low seat your knees are too high unless you are short. The Beverly 300 is the most stable and compliant round twisties and poor surfaces, and also has tons of underseat storage. It is also the best value of all these scooters. The BMW and Tmax are grossly over-priced.

  • I like to have a scooter for in town. On the hiway it's my Harley. In town my Vespa does the trick. When your in the city you want small, quick, park anywhere, convenience. Honda metropolitan is great but hills can be a bear. If only they made it with a 150cc engine.

  • Dude, I watch your reviews and enjoy them. But come on man, let your buddy with the specs and who test rode the bikes finish what he has to say. Stop cutting him off..

  • Based on my own personal experience I'd be more comfortable knowing the Yamaha isn't likely to fall apart right after the warranty period expires. You can NOT say the same thing about the BMW!!

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