I feel that Onision is becoming more unstable and is reaching a critical point. He is a danger to those around him and something needs to be done before it’s too late. 😶


I have watched all about the grooming Onision has done to Sarah and what he has done to Billie, Shiloh, and everyone else and it’s just horrible. I wanna say that his spouse Cool Guy Kai is 100% to blame as well. I believe if this is allowed to go on things will get worse.

For more details watch Repzion: The Onision Files:

source: https://mirchigossips.in

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49 thoughts on “Onision Is About To Hurt Someone…”

  • Chaz Kirschmann says:

    I'm new to this thing but I have been keeping up with the drama and wanted to raise awareness about this stuff because I feel a lot of what Onision is doing is just terrible . 😶 If your new here welcome I don't have a cool thing to call everyone so sub to join the Kirschmonsters lol here is my twitter – https://twitter.com/ChazKirschmann

  • New follower… And for this being one of your firsts… It was awesome. I totally followed onision when he first started and now… I feel horrible and nausious… But as u said

    "you can just tell he's spiraling"

  • GenericUsername says:

    Idk why but in all the videos I watched about this situation his obsession with forcing someone to shave their head or; even just cut their hair in any way; never stood out to me.
    Glad you mentioned it here!
    Seems like another tactic to have full control over your partner's life.
    I'm sure it also plays a massive role in diminishing their feeling of self worth etc.
    This man seriously creeps me out, man.
    I'm scared that he might lose his last few marbles soon.
    His recent videos are just too intense;

  • It still hurts seeing allll the girls in the videos when they tried to defend themselves against a GROWN-ASS ROTTEN LUMPY ONION. I’m legit ashamed I was a basic Stan of him literally becoming more depressed with him blaming self harmers until the beginning of the Shiloh shit show.
    On a positive note last time I saw you I saw your hair being tortured(bleached and toned) in a very… suspicious room set up in Repzilla’s livestream. It came out so nice!!

  • Daniel Rittegar says:

    I got 400 plus pictures and 100 plus videos of my aunt washing her car in sexy short shorts sexy Jean's and she doesn't care because I'm her favorite ever

  • Hey man! Good work! Onsion is about to go off the rails. But hey, if you want to understand the Onsions and Shiloh relationship look up her Twitter or the videos about her newest tweets. It's so sad and horrific what she went through. Honestly she got the worst of it, in my opinion, but she came back strong and full force. Onsion is a monster.
    Keep up the good work and help bring down the onion! Can't wait to see more!

  • Ok also, with him wanting women to shave their heads is an abuse tactic. To control their appearance and break them down. In shaving their hair, when they don’t want to in the first place, that would cause them to feel ugly and unlovable. It also works on the other side, making the woman unattractive to men, also ensuring no one would try to “take them away” from the relationship. That would ensure they’d stay with onision, because in their mind, they’re broken down and thinking who’s going to love me looking like this. Abuse does some crazy things to a person’s ability to see things clearly.

  • Daaaaamn. He’s going to shoot someone. For real. I think if the authorities get involved, he’d commit a mass shooting or murder suicide, but suicide by cop. He wrote books about school shooters and so many videos about him shooting people or preparing to. Yikes. I hadn’t thought of this until this video. Nice work. Unsettling, but needs to be brought up.

  • I found this channel from repzilla
    I’ve been keeping up with onion for years and you bring up a lot of good points that I don’t think many channels do

  • Laced Up Tight says:

    Honestly I think instead of the Charles Manson of YouTube, he is the Jeff Epstein of YouTube. I think the latter is far more accurate, since Manson was a murderer & Epstein was a child predator.

  • Hi, new sub. This was well done, especially for a first video. I think it’s really important that you’re helping to get the message out. Looking forward to more videos.

  • New sub! Is that Greg the cat!? Repsquad unite!!!!!
    Edit: Chazz I'm seriously glad you are making content! The more people that bring attention to his problematic ways the better at this point. "Pikichu (spelling) is lovely!!!"😂

  • It amazes me how YouTube still allows him a platform. He’s clearly a danger to others & himself. He is a very, very sick individual. When I look at all the things YouTube is doing to other creators I don’t understand why the same stuff isn’t happening to him. I mean for example many drama channels get demonitized over nothing. Steven Crowder, he got screwed w/the VoxAdpocalypse (or however it’s spelled) as well by YouTube (let me add here I don’t agree with everything he says, but I do like to hear other points of view & educate myself on all different peoples perspectives on a range of topics), then there’s Blair White, demonitized – why?? Then you can search specific creators with millions of views & YouTube has basically black balled them & pushed their videos hundreds downs the search algorithm (Steve Crowder would be another example but believe me there are others), but not Onision. Why?? He should not have a platform period. He is very sick & twisted. I fear for anyone who’s crossed paths with him. He seems like he’s having a mental breakdown. He needs to be stopped. Why is YouTube allowing him & his husband (I think right? It’s husband now?) to continue. They should have ZERO social media. Period.

  • Onision is the quintessential "Peter Pan". The boy who never grew up. As a psych major, I am seriously concerned with how fast he is spiralling downward, that he will either a) hurt his family and himself, b) hurt others (spree/mass shooting), or c) a combination of both. Especially as he's loosing control.

  • It was probably me that started the charles Manson comparison wave over 8 months ago after my research and observation. And for good reason imo.

  • I thought I was the only one who thought he was gonna hurt someone soon because when I seen a clip of him saying look at my bodyyyyyyy
    At his age…and looking like that?
    He looks like he is one of those people who are ready to do something deadly. Or maybe I watch too many movies that are based on true stories.

  • Hey Chaz, good vid. 👏 Hope to continue to hear from you here.
    Yep, Onision is someone who takes pleasure in causing pain and chaos. He's capable of the worst.

  • I've had a bad feeling about him for a long time. I've see bits of his videos recently from keeping up with the drama and I am also concerned he is going to hurt someone or multiple people…

  • I think onision wants people to think he’s about to snap, but he’s about the most Puritan straight-edge 12-year-old I’ve ever seen, In reality.

  • Dan The Potato says:

    This is such a good video, please continue making such content.

    Feels wierd watching a youtube video after watching you stream.

  • Ashley Brandon says:

    I completely agree with your perspective! I have known a few people who joke the way he does, and they have always turned out to be people who have hurt me or others awfully bad. If I knew him in person, I would be terrified to be around him. Especially alone. I hope every person that he has tried to control is doing okay!

  • Repzilla brought me here, it got my foot in the door so to speak, but your content stood on it's own merits, earned my sub dude, looking forward to seeing more from you. 🙂

  • Thank you for these important points. I'm terrified, dude. He's stuck in 2006 and I think him being about to snap is better insight to his behavior. I feel like he has the potential to be the next mass shooter. He's a vet so he has training of some kind. Idk its just scary.

    On the other hand, Chaz, you're super charming and I hope to see more videos from you. Kudos to you for not being scared of a copy strike as well. Thank you for this important perspective.

  • Tamarra Angelstyles says:

    i can't believe youtube allows him to continue on a platform that is so influential. showing love from repzillas and subbing for support 🙂

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