In this video I share my review of ‘The Game Changers’ Documentary Trailer which airs next month. See original movie trailer here:


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20 thoughts on “Reaction: ‘The Game Changers’ Documentary Trailer Review”

  • Chrystal Thornton says:

    Looking forward to this doc because I think inspiration and reassurance that plant-based is the way to go is very helpful in continuing the journey.

  • Boris Baconstein says:

    Arnie changing gears when his muscles are hanging like old hags tits is no win. Explain how is that a win? He can't confirm anything. He can just throw away all his body building accomplishments, which then makes him irrelevant to the subject.

  • Ryan, thanks for sharing. Your skin is glowing today! I'm excited about this Documentary, because I am a 61 year old female athlete who runs every day (including speed, hill, tempo, progressive runs) and weight trains a few times a week, practice hot yoga twice a week to prepare for tryouts to qualify for the Senior Olympic Nationals. I notice after training, I recover very quickly. My coaches and personal trainer has commented on how quickly they see improvement each week. I know, since removing oils, processed junk foods and eating the most simple whole foods, (mainly potatoes, vegetables, oats, fruit & beans) my running performance and strength training has improved tremendously. In fact so much, recently I have won back to back 3 races. First, I placed 3rd and twice I placed 2nd, in my age group. I don't consume any supplements besides Vit B12. People in my running group has taken notice as to how fast I have become, and I am older than all of them, being they are 20-40 something. In the 4 years of training, I wasn't getting anywhere until I completely changed my diet. I felt like I was going backwards, because I kept getting injured and had to recover and start over again and again. Now, I just keep getting better. Also, I know a couple of people that actually are weight training and building muscle on eating just fruit for many years! They believe, we don't build muscle with food, but with working our muscles. It really shows on them. Anyway, I'm excited to see this documentary. Will it be available on-line? Peace.

  • The first book called muscle smoke and mirrors has it history of the first bodybuilders who are natural not that I have a problem with steroids. But when you're on steroids you need a highly caloric intake especially if you're using Tren. Most of the first bodybuilders of the black and white photo era did a version of a plant-based diet or solely a plant-based diet. Jack LaLanne also did a plant based diet. Even Randy Couture did as well but he called it an alkaline diet. I love how no one wants to use the word vegan 🤣🤣

  • The interesting thing is Arnold when coming to America was told by Vince gironda I thought he was fat. So the video that you see of them excessively eating was done only for the camera. Arnold eight a regimented diet to get lean and ripped. Later on a bodybuilder name Bill Pearl did a vegan diet but that's not what he called it. It happened after he had a heart attack. Vince gironda said it was because the steroids. My name Vince gironda because he promoted a milk and eggs and meat have you on the steak diet highly ketosis.

  • I think it's going to be an excellent documentary. I did all that Bro Science nonsense and to be fair some of it works but only if you're genetically gifted. Training protocols like Mike mentzer heavy duty or Dorian Yates time and attention training blood and guts armoire on the realm of better weightlifting. Volume training been overeating is the biggest part in the money maker for bodybuilding industry. It's hard to package beans and sell them to you for $50. Protein powder is a lot easier

  • Wisdomalmighty The Seeker of Truth says:

    Yes I order my tickets. I hope the film show athletes who started out as plant base and do not rely on those who switch over from meat base. Professional and competitive athletes who switch over are already at their top performance, especially professional. They get the best of everything(training and nutrition). It is good that a lot athletes are becoming plant base but say plant base made them what they are today would be misleading.

  • Meredith Beery says:

    I just realized yesterday that I haven't been experiencing any allergies since switching over to wfpb 💪I'm excited to see this movie!

  • I’ve got a lot of opinions about this movie! 🤓
    I remember reading on a McDougall forum someone was challenging the ‘greatness’ of the Mediterranean diet…and they mentioned the oil-fish-wine bit, all which McDougall wouldn’t allow. The moderator said, the Mediterranean diet, heavy in beans/legumes, greens & starches, is healthy IN SPITE OF the oil-fish-wine bit. That’s the power of starch & greens’…something to that effect. Now WHAT does that have to do with Game Changers??? My belief is…these athletes would be World Class IN SPITE OF their diet. That’s why I don’t have a lot of excitement with the movie.
    I know I’m not their demo audience & the muscle guys & pro athletes are the ‘hook’ to get the male (primarily) population’s attention, but if you take the time to follow some of the Plant Based bodybuilders, etc online, they eat ALOT of plant protein, plant fat & protein powders. Many of the PB doctors might say that could be health harming in the long run.
    Using bodybuilders/powerlifters is that constant visual reminder which enforces that ‘Eat protein=Get muscle’ protein myth. I DO like the Rip Esselstyn segment with the firefighters…which have to be functionally strong. Wish they would’ve had more ‘normal’ people who were strong…not pro athletes.

    All in all, it’s a good movie to support the Vegan message. Health message will be thrown in with the tubes of blood (that segment also talks about male erections…so that might get the audience’s attention!), as well as the firefighters cholesterol lowering with Rip Esselstyn. I’ve always thought athletes can be Olympic gold metal winners, world record holders, multi-million$$$ players or….someone’s Grandmother who STILL does yoga & walks to the Market every day at 97yrs old. SHE’S the athlete…minus the cool music & sweeping photography. But that wouldn’t be much of a movie, huh??! Ha.

  • Jennifer Ball's Witch House says:

    I have asthma and I've noticed an improvement in my breathing since going plant based. I'm very excited for this movie!

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