The legendary TurboGrafx-16 console, originally released in Japan in 1987 as the PC Engine, is making a comeback!

It’s set to return in the form of the TurboGrafx-16 mini, a new compact model that comes preloaded with a selection of popular titles!

Now you can play all your old favorites to your heart’s content!


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29 thoughts on “TurboGrafx-16 mini Announcement Trailer”

  • Slave To Metal says:

    I need at least 'Dragon Spirit', 'Devil's Crush', 'Neutopia 1 & 2', 'Legendary Axe' and 'Parasol Star'. Finally my dream comes true. I'll be able to play my favorite Turbo games in HD at 720P. I'm in paradise!!! Thank you Konami!!!

  • Lailani Taganap says:

    What if Konami teamed up with Sega and make a next generation Turbografx/PC Engine console? Bring the classics back to life Bonk and Sonic shake hands make it happen.

  • Lailani Taganap says:

    Make it a 10 the TURBOGRAFX 16 mini Konami add these missing games Gates of Thunder, Street Fighter 1 and 2, Art of Fighting, World of Heros 2, Fatal Fury 2, Bloody Wolf, Legendary Axe 1 and 2, Bonk 3, Devils Crush, Double Dragon 2, Riot Zone, Japanese verson of Splatter House, Strider, R-Type complete, Vigilante, Side Arms, and it will destroy the Nintendo mini and Sega mini?

  • Robert Shmigelsky says:

    Give us a new Bonk game while you're at it. Have Bonk start out as a fossil breaking out of the ground as that would be a good re-introductory since we haven't had a new Bonk game released in awhile. I've always imagined Bonk being the one to wipe out the dinosaurs by deflecting the meteor that destroyed the dinosaurs with his big head and falling instead.

  • There are a few "extra" games on this ad (in the horizontal-diagonally-scrolling video backgrounds) that are not yet officially announced, but probably will be:

    Sapphire (Pause at 0:37), Bonk's Adventure, Lords of Thunder (Pause at 0:28), and two games that are not easily identifiable (Pause at 0:33 – the bottom one is a shmup, but the one above it I don't know).

    If you check out the official TG-16 site, Castlevania Rondo of Blood (I think it is), China Warrior, and Super Star Soldier (or one of the other Star Soldier games) are in the video background of the games list.

    I've been a TG fanboy since it came out. These are some of the games which I want on it (I have a few on my PS3 and Wii U):

    Magical Chase, Blazing Lazers, Dragon Spirit/Saber, Splatterhouse, Coryoon, Chase HQ, Gradius II, Side Arms, Forgotten Worlds, Psychosis, Bloody Wolf, Somer Assault, Cybercore, Spriggan, Gain Ground, Air Zonk series, Aero Blasters (Air Buster), Veigues Tactical Gladiator, Parodius, Star Soldier series (including Star Parodier), Cotton, Dungeon Explorer II, Devil's Crush, 1941, Cadash, Klax, Power Golf, Final Lap Twin, Baseball (even Marble Madness had a prototype) etc..

    I'm looking forward to getting this mini. Just need to await the official news of the next batch of games.

    Thanks for reading.

  • I own (and play) all the launch titles on my original TG16 already. I'd LOVE to see the rare stuff like Dungeon Explorer 2 that I can't afford.

    All of this joy is tempered by my seething hatred of Konami, though…

  • thatoneannoyingcrapposter ` says:

    We need street fighter 2. I just found some gameplay of one of the bosses for one of the bonk games in the tg16 mini website. Which means bonk is confirmed! (Edit: future haruo would be so happy)

  • Seems like they are struggling to make profit….give them a year and a half and they will go broke. They will soon realize that ditching console games was there biggest mistake.

  • As a TurboGrafx kid, I was very aware that I squarely lost that round of the console wars–and for good reason. Never the less, I loved my TG-16 and am looking forward to this! Here's to it either coming with Military Madness or being easy to hack! (While we're at it, votes for Aero Blasters, Veigues' Tactical Gladiator, and Blazing Lazers!)

  • Daves MidnightGaming&EntertainmentHour says:

    Konami please bring vails series, dungeons explorer 2, magical chase, dynastic hero’s, legendary axe 1 and 2, super air zonk, terraforming, splatter house, bloody wolf, beyond shadow gate, castlevania, lords of thunder, gates of thunder, Keith courage, netopia 1 and 2, ys 3 and exile.

  • Daves MidnightGaming&EntertainmentHour says:

    If you all look at the screen images passing by you will notice lords of thunder and castlevania on this North American ad.

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