While living in Kuala Lumpur for three months, grocery shopping was a frequent requirement! We show you our trek through the city from our apartment to the Hero Market Malaysian grocery store with several stops along the way. We talk to many Malaysians throughout and even have a mini tropical fruit tasting right in the middle of the produce section! We also show the selection of groceries, along with their corresponding prices.

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48 thoughts on “Foreigners SHOP for GROCERIES in Kuala Lumpur – SURPRISE Malaysia FRUIT Review”

  • Rambutan, Manggis, Durian, Pandan, Salak(Species of Palm fruit, sometime called snakefruit) from Malay word, Bamboo, Sambal, Amuk, Paddy is also from Malay word that become English word, Rambut mean Hair/ Rambut+an, Rambutan=Hairy (Fruit), Hairy Fruit, and Durian from "DURI"= Thorn/Spike , Duri+an = Thorny or Spiky. because full of spike/thorn. Orangutan, Musang, Binturong(sometimes called Bearcat) is others Malay word.

  • EL Sham/Al Sham is Arabic word from Levant, Syuri'ah=Syria in English, South Turkey Hatay(Antioch, Alexandretta), Gaziantep, Urfa/Salinurfa, Mardin, Batman, Harran(near border where Arab Muslim schoolar " Ibn Taymiyyah" was born) included Adana was part of Levant/Syria and Mesopotamia/Iraq but today as Turkey territory, Ottoman era all these area under" Vilayet of Syria or Aleppo". South Turkey culture and food similar to North Syrian especially Allepo, Also Semitic native Assyrian/Syriac, Arab cousin living in Southern Turkey. Batman Province have beautiful old Arab city. Today beautiful Syria old city, old fort, old palace, architecture, tomb, old house destroyed by civil war. included Iraq. Syria and Iraq rich with old beautiful building today destroyed effect of Iraq War in 2003.

  • 90% of the people in your video is not local Malaysian but anyway, thats cool. hope u have a good awesome time in Malaysia. Also dont forget to travel to the other states of Malaysia. From Perlis to Sabah… Malaysia is not just KL.. well , KL is too mainstream..hahah

  • hey! NICE! Thanks for dropping by Malaysia! i do Vlogs from Borneo , east side of Malaysia! You might be interested! Much Love!

  • Hi! Great blog. Me and my girlfriend are moving to KL soon and we noticed your flat looks pretty nice. We're going to have accommodation covered by work for the first weeks but we're curious how you guys found your flat and how much is the monthly cost for it? Thanks!

  • Nor'ain Mohamed Nordin says:

    Kedondong is very, very sour normally seeked by pregnant women.
    Mangosteen is the queen of fruits, as opposed to durian, the king of fruits.
    Soursop is also a local fruit, sweet and sour, and believed to be one of the traditional cures for cancer.

  • Rohan Sugunathas says:

    As a local, we shop everywhere which can offer promo prices usually at Tesco, 99 Speedmart, Giant, Aeon Big for general household goods. There are weekly promos, where the prices are cheaper than usual. For 24hrs emergency shopping, KK mart cheaper than 7E and more variety. If you wanna do videos on Entertainment & Happenings, do hook me up when you're back again

  • Many comments about "most people you meet in the video are immigrant workers". Guest why…my fellow Malaysian especially those "cool kids" just completed school (SPM or STPM level) and fresh graduates (with no work skills no work experience) are bloody picky and not willing to do those works. Then non stop complaining government & private sector don't provide enough work opportunities. In my state in East Malaysia (my beloved Sabah), go to any shops, supermarkets or shopping complex, I can guarantee 90% workers are locals (youngsters just finish school, waiting for SPM, STPM results, fresh graduates, aunties & uncles level people). They all wanting to work anytime to get experience and earn money, support family, etc. There are Filipinos & Indonesian workers also there but at least local people always willing to work at entry level job like this.

  • Tip……I know it's hot, travelling and you're western, but – particularly in Muslim countries- don't wear singlets or sleeveless. Look around, everybody are in tee shirts, shirts or garments with sleeves. Conversative! People are friendly though don't want to view westerners arm pits and exposed skin. KL is very sophisticated, cosmopolitan city. Only on the beach and even then, there are rules.

  • You had 2 of the best Malaysian fruits – mangosteens and duku. According to me, the others are 1) durians 2) cempedak, a kind of jackfruit. The durian is a fruit usually the size of a human head with lots of thorns but the inside is the best of all. However I think it is now too expensive, going at almost Rm$70 to Rm$100 per kg inclusive the husks which take up 60% of the fruit. You should look up cempedak which looks like the nangka, a cousin species.

  • Those were roasted chestnuts. The brown outer part is the skin and you should peel it and then you can eat the nut inside. You can bite it to crack the skin open then it's easier to peel. It tastes okay I guess? But I've never had cravings for it after the first time I tried it, even though it does smell awesome.

  • The best way to cook these anchovies is to deep fry them until they become golden brown in colour. Then mix with peanuts and drink with beer 🍺.

  • Wow,u both sure a lovely couple,and very adaptive and patience, very adventurer type,nice 👍have a safe and memorable journey,bless😎

  • Zenbeach Traveler says:

    The exotic experience, wide eyed wanderers and locals just dying to play educator to those who want to act like 12 year olds on a field trip.

  • Rizlan Ghazali says:

    Malaysians do not in general care about what cut of meat they buy since everything is cooked well done in a curry anyway… so the cook that we have is well done tender or chewing gum 🤣🤣🤣

  • Fun Fact on Rambutan.

    There are a few types of rambutan. The usual one (which I think the one that you see here) & rambutan kopek. Rambutan kopek is larger & sweeter & the name came from the sweet stuff inside be easily separated from the seeds.

    Rambutan also came from the name 'rambut'; which mean 'hair' in malay.

  • Pray for Indian Occupied kashmir. Indian army is killing kashmiris and blinding them with PELLET GUN under curfew. There is curfew in kashmir from nineteen days. There is no mobile and internet service in kashmir. Support kashmir. KASHMIR IS BLEEDING.

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