Hi babes welcome back or welcome if you’re new here😘💕 in today’s video we did a demo and review/first impressions of Bali Body’s self tanning mousse. This review is completely unbiased and unsponsored. Keep in mind the ring light makes the tan appear different than it does in real life. Let us know your thoughts below and what you want to see from us next! Love you guys xoxo

Bali Body Tanning Mousse:

Loving Tan Mitt (Our Favorite Mitt)

Loving Tan ( We still 100% recommend this tan and love it)

Whats On Our Lips:
Marc Jacobs lip liner in Nudeist:

Too Faced Liquid Lip in Child Star (the best):

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  • Kaioyna Caputo says:

    Kaioyna Caputo
    I have a few questions before I buy 😩
    1.) if applying 1 coat a week how many coats can you get out of the bottle?
    2.) if I want to apply a coat after it’s fully come off how long does it last before it fades?
    3.) is the 3rd week coat the max y’all have done before washing it off completely for a fresh coat? Does your skin feel any different with just applying instead of fully removing?
    4.) I see y’all wear makeup (so do i) MY BIGGEST CONCERN 😭 is that I wear makeup & the tan on my face will go away faster.
    Do y’all just reapply the tan as you see it disappear? Or do y’all just get darker makeup to match your tan? Can you recommend a foundation?

    Y’all definitely got a thumbs up & subscribe from me 😄 most informative video I’ve seen yet ❤️ & y’all are so beautiful! Makes me wish I had a twin or sister in general 🤣 I have 7 brothers 💀

  • Yeah didn’t like loving tan . It made me look orange and left me blochy coming off! Right now I’m trying balibody so hopefully it comes out good:)

  • WHAT did you girls tone your blonde with in this video?? It’s so platinum and gorgeous!! My hair looks so brassy and terrible I need a good purple shampoo!!!!💖💖💖💕💕💕

  • Do y’all use a loofa when you shower while having a fake tan or would that make it splotchy and remove it faster? And Emily what are you wearing on your lips? Love your videos 😍

  • Lillefis Franke says:

    Hi! It’s been ages since I’ve fake tanned my body and back then it always used to get on my clothes and stuff..so how’s your review on that part?

  • Girls I got the Bali body after watching your video. I am NOT a fan of Loving tan because it looks just too red on me. It looks like I got a sunburnt skin and just not flattering comes off very splotchy, I hate that more than the color. Bali body is a completely different color, golden and beautiful, and I love it so much! I also can tell that you are really honest and it has been hard to find truthful comments on Youtube recently, so thank you!!

  • Every time I fake tan, I look like a have a skin condition 😂😭 lol it gets to splotchy.. and even though I exfoliate.. why is this?!! Haha

  • Jillian Rosansky says:

    Imo the wear on Bondi Sands is much much better than loving tan! loving tan gets so dry and crusty on my skin, Bondi fades much more slowly and naturally

  • Isabel McDonald says:

    Will you guys try the bali body face tanning water spray and see how it is compared to the tan?! i’m wondering how good it actually would be because my tan always fades so much on my face 😭 love your videos btw ❤️❤️

  • great video, thanks for sharing. you should get the product from them for free as I just bought it because of your review and I never did fake tan before and I'm sure more ppl bought it trough your recommendation 🙂 ❤️

  • I’ve been fake tanning for about 4 years now and I love that you guys are on top of the tanning game. I trust your opinions and I’m def going to give this a try!! Love you babes always 😘😘

  • Noticed the new background in the last two videos! Love it!!! Did Abby redo their bedroom and get rid of that bed frame she hated?

  • Victoria_Kennedy says:

    I’m so glad you guys mentioned how scaley & patchy Loving Tan fades!! I do not like it at all for that reason, and I was starting to think I was the only one who had that issue 😩😅

  • Christine Cartwright says:

    Such a great video being so unbiased! Dripping Gold Ultra Dark is seriously the best tan EVER!!! Haha. I did a video on my channel about it. It's life changing!!!! Maybe give it a try 💕💕💕

  • Can you guys post more workout / exercise videos?? Like what you guys do in the gym or at home. What programs you follow if you do!

  • I just recently purchased Miami Gorgeous self tanning mousse on amazon and its amazing! Its $15 and all organic. I think its probably similar to that Bali Body one!

  • Kayla Rasmussen-lilley says:

    Have you guys tried the tan luxe drops?? I just used it for the first time mixed with my body lotion and I was sooooo impressed the next day!

  • Karina_ Kardash says:

    What do you girls think of BondiSands? I use St.Tropez in extra dark, but I keep seeing it at Walgreens and debating if I should buy a bottle or invest in another loving tan🤔💕

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