“Think back to that rocky track you saw on the side of the mountain. Wait impatiently for those speed bumps on the tarmac, which are calling out to you… The limits placed on your road only trips will soon disappear with the 765 GRAVEL RS” – Look Cycle

“The Look expertise and research that has gone into the carbon frame make this Gravel – a versatile bike – sufficiently rigid and lightweight to perform effectively on the road.”

Under review in this video is the top-tier offering of the Look 765 Gravel RS, equipped with SRAM Force 1x drivetrain and Mavic wheels. JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew put this bike through the review wringer, riding it about the place on mixed surfaces in Northern California, North Central Florida and Southern Georgia, USA.

Review available in 4K when YouTube does its thing.

In addition to the SRAM Force model, the 765 Gravel RS is available in two other models which feature a 2x drivetrain:

Look 765 Gravel RS with Shimano Ultegra and 50/34 crankset / 11-34 cassette.

Look 765 Gravel RS with Shimano 105 and 50/34 crankset / 11-34 cassette.

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14 thoughts on “Gravel Bike Review: Look 765 Gravel RS – Stand out from the Crowd”

  • Almost got one, but after a test ride it felt too harsh for me. Went with something that got suspension and steel for a more comfortable ride. But on the plus side, that's a seriously fun bike and very fast on road.

  • Finley Currie says:

    Even though I prefer steel bikes, I like seeing the advances in bicycle manufacturing technology. The 765 Gravel RS is a good looking bike clad in my favorite color, OD green. The few times I've considered buying a carbon bike, I've been stopped cold by the shattered carbon bikes I see while watching the Tour de France. I can't forget George Hincapie sitting on the side of the road during the 2006 Paris-Roubaix race after his handlebars separated from his carbon bike. Also, I don't race, so weight is not important for me.  

    Good review, as usual. The Look 765 Gravel RS just made choosing a new bike a little more difficult for carbon aficionados.

  • Hans Schotterradler says:

    Beautiful bike with the stock WTB riddler gumwall tires. Good match for the green frame.
    The red ones should be outlawed IMO.

  • Great review. It's one of the bikes I'm considering purchasing along with the BMC URS. You mentioned comfort… What is your fav gravel bike(s)?

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