Might the appetite-suppressing effects of ketosis improve dietary compliance?

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This is in contrast to a diet that it would actually be healthful to stick to. See for example my video series on the CHIP program:
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This was the 4th video in a 7-part series on keto diets. If you haven’t yet, be sure to watch the first three:
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49 thoughts on “Is Weight Loss on Ketosis Sustainable?”

  • NutritionFacts.org says:

    This is the 4th of 7 videos on the keto diet. If you missed any, go to https://nutritionfacts.org/topics/keto-diet/ . -NF Team

  • This series is really making me question this channel… In the study "Calorie for Calorie, Dietary Fat Restriction Results in More Body Fat Loss than Carbohydrate Restriction in People with Obesity." Had the low carb group still eating 140g of carbs per day.. which is about 8x higher than what a modern "keto" diet has..

  • Adherence to the diet is way easier. I spend way less time cooking, less time preparing.
    In 8 months I went over 20g of carbs once (fresh figs)

  • I did Keto Lite, it’s 60 carbs, 15 grams of sugar, no fried or processed meats. You can have 1-2 fruit servings a day but everything else must meet that total at the end of the day.

  • Not sustainable. I lost a lot of weight, but as soon as I introduced too many carbs, the floodgates of Hell opened and I couldn't regulate my appetite. Then I wanted to "Eat all the things!" 😒

  • Another good question would be "is WFPB sustainable?" Just take a look at a lot of the posts on the McDougall forum by people who have struggled with complaince over the years, or any of the many bloggers and youtubers who quit eating plant based. The only good diet is the one you can stick with forever, and that might be WFPB or it might be low carb.

  • Scott Gabelman says:

    All your articles are from 2000 to 2002 and the latest one was 2012. These are all outdated! Is 2019! Give us some pertinent real clinical articles. Show us the dates of any article you research.

  • I think all the videos (and studies) so far have missed the point. The proper way to use a ketogenic diet is to get into ketosis, which will rise and stabilize glucagon levels. Once this has happened, you can stop with the high fat and then you'll be eating far less calories, but you'll still feel satiated. However continuing the dietary restriction of NO carbs ensures that glucagon levels remain high. At this point you'll actually be able to miss multiple meals for days at a time with no discomfort. (I used to go entire weekends without eating anything.) Get the glucagon up and level, eat protein and fat rich salads to feel satiated, then drop the caloric dense foods leaving only veggies and cheese. It was fantastic. I think that if more vegetarians/vegans restricted carbs it'd be an even better diet. They key is glucagon!

  • What about the study that linked increased mild exercise with increased genetic male pattern baldness, while 20 mins of moderate exercise daily was linked to almost 0% genetic male pattern baldness? ☺️

  • I did keto a few months before vegan past 2yrs and I think vegan+keto might be the uber-diet of all. Stick to all monounsaturated plant fats and keep up the nutrients and fiber with vegetables and I would think your arteries would stay clear, plus all the endurance benefits you hear about from keto ultra runners etc. I might try this one day, but I will miss all my blueberries and strawberries and granola!

  • ggzh a Argue With Everyone says:

    I think the "Do not eat anything that ends with a s" is a better diet. It does not exclude dill but excludes donuts, danishes and Doritos.

  • The Artificial Society says:

    The biological desire to get a certain level of protein is a long standing fact. Higher protein diet generally means eating less. It’s called protein leveraging. However, as you raise protein, you raise your growth hormones. That, in turn, raises cancer risk and accelerates aging. You want a low protein diet, less than 10% of calories or lower.

  • Thank you for these, my dad has been having seizures and was recommended a keto diet. I want to know as much as I can about it for him

  • So THATS why people who fast, saying they're not hungry anymore, and that it meant they're "Cleansing" and that "a clean body doesn't need fuel" I heard this from the raw food community and the people who fast all the time. But that's because they're in ketosis, and being in Ketosis isn't healthy.

  • Zenobia Aibonez says:

    The keto diet is not for everybody. Just like veganism isn't for everybody, and jogging isn't for everybody, IF isn't for everybody, gluten isn't for everybody, gluten free isn't for everybody and horror films aren't for everybody.

  • Plant based life says:

    No matter what.. keto or no keto you need antioxidants. At least 10,000 to 12,000 antioxidant units a day. You’d never get that eating salad with sausage and beef.

  • keto people mad cause they smell bad and stink up the bathroom and gotta spend a bunch of money on fabreeze and glade plugins.

  • I was a vegan for over 1.5 years. All my blood tests came out ok except very high levels of triglycerides which was live threatening. I don’t eat refined sugars but complex carbs added to my high triglycerides. I looked into Keto and now I’m eating more fats, less carbs and still eat veggies. I dropped the fruits except avocados. I don’t think Keto is a long term solution for everyone but it’s the only way to get rid of my belly fat and triglycerides right now. I do intermitting fasting and don’t eat often like when I was a vegan. We’re not cows to eat all day long and humans are over eating because food may be cheap. Another thing, I don’t count calories because it’s mostly bs. Humans are supposed to only eat when they’re hungry. The cave man didn’t know anything about breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper. He eats only when he was hungry.

  • Used to think nutritionfacts was a credible soure for nutritional information. Its just cherry picking studies and out of context results for their vegan propaganda. I'm out peace.

  • Lol Keto is just messed up
    I lost 15 kilos in two months
    I started eating carbs and gained 7 kilos in 3 weeks

    Need a lifestyle change not Fad diets like these

  • The biggest issue with this series is that high carb and low carb advocates use separate metrics for health. Low carb prioritizes driving down glucose/insulin, and triglycerides while driving up HDL.
    Keto/omnivorous diets benefit from a better Omega 3:6 ratio in general and much higher access to DHA. Studies are mixed back and forth on LDL but most keto-advocates generally could care less about elevated LDL in the context of low CRP and good digestion. I generally push either vegan or keto either way you are pushing your body to make adaptations to more efficiently deal with your diet/nutrition. The choice comes down to whether you wanna be a fat burner or sugar burning specialist.

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