39 thoughts on “The Rise of Skywalker Final Trailer – A Flop In The Making”

  • The Critical Drinker says:

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  • You know, your a miserable git mate!, JJ cant do anything right for you but that doesn't make a video does it. Yes there are terrible problems with the characters but I thought they were all great in TFA, JJ struck a difficult line to introduce the new people while giving us SW action, they were not perfect and I couldnt wait to see what happened next BUT……….Johnson happened next. It is all his fault Rey is invincible, JJ did a great job making her brave but she was frightened also. Po was great and I thought Fin was a great addition. I wont be paying to see this last film because of the insulting way they all treat fans, I would feel crap about myself If I did, I will see it on TV or any other way but I wont give Kathleen Kennedy's career any help whatsoever

  • Six different endings, seriously. It's kind of like Arnold Schwarzenegger said about having a goal or vision. People are so afraid of failing or what other people think that they either just don't bother or they try to please everybody, even if it means raping the fuck out of their own artistic vision, which could actually be amazing. Ridiculous.

    On another note, this video features a clip from Hot Fuzz which made me realise that Michael is played by the same guy who plays the Hound in Game of Thrones hahahaa =P

  • I tell ya what….if it is as big a success as it is looking…you will come live on here and admit you are the idiot you are looking like now…..deal?

  • Jovany Zapata says:

    You people don’t wanna let go of Luke, Han and Leia… I’m sure the Star Wars universe had more people that are probably entitled to their own adventures. Incredible. 😂

  • There is zero foreshadowing. So poorly done. George R Martin mentioned that he could just have aliens appear and wipe out Westeros, but it would be poor writing.

  • Andres Meza Valdes says:

    How much you want to bet it doesn’t flop? Let’s see if anyone in this community can put there money where there mouth is.

  • It was shit.
    1)The narration of the trailer didn't make sense (it's pretty common with JJ Abrams movies)
    2)How the fuck did The Resistance have that many people and those many ships when in the last garbage movie there were only 20 guys left in THE ENTIRE RESISTANCE
    3)Kylo Ren still fighting without mask even though he bloody repaired it
    4)C-3P0 saying that he wants to see his friends even though he never had a relationship with anyone Poe, Finn or Rey (did he ever meet Rey!?)
    5)Rey is the usual Mary Sue… that was expected
    6)The first 6 movies have lost sense seeing as The Emperor is still fucking alive. That just leaves a sour taste in my mouth.
    7)Horses in space? The people riding the horses breathing in space? And I thought the bombing scene and Leia's scene in The Last Jedi was stupid. Guess I was wrong.
    8)John Williams (poor bloke) outdoing himself to make Rey's scene full of emotion. Take that incredible music out and it just feels bland.
    9)They're literally copying Episode 6 for fan service. Jungle that looks like Endor, check. Desert planet and sciffs like Tattooine, check. Huge space battle to destroy the Empire, check. Partially destroyed Death Star, check. Palpatine final boss, check. Red "Sithtroopers" like Palpatine's Red Royal Guards, check. Lando riding the Falcon, check.

    There, 9 points that explains why Episode 9's trailer is shit.

  • I remember a better time long ago when I actually sort of liked Jar Jar's work. It's just a fading memory… I had such high hopes when Disney bought Lucasfilm because I thought with their budget they could bring Star Wars back with a vengeance, but little did I know that the vengeance would be directed at it's most loyal fans. And these idiots seriously think in their stupid little heads that Star Wars is failing because there was too many made too quickly?? If we got even a middling but decent attempt you could make Star Wars films every 6 months and the fans would happily watch. Make shit films and then chastise the most loyal fan base ON THE PLANET because your films suck, then well you know what happens…

  • Rey is pretty similar to Snoke if you think about it. Both are very powerful characters with misterious pasts nobody knows about. With one big difference though: Snoke was interesting while he was on screen

  • This is sad accurate…what a waste of a missed opportunity with this whole trilogy. To all the dislikes on this video your intelligence is shallower than your family gene pool.

  • Ray has no personality and the actress portraying her is God awful. They should have used a method actress. Someone who has studied and trained for the part. Just because she has a hyper-focused, pissed-off anger face doesn’t make her character believable.

  • They killed off a beloved character in the first movie and it didn't help then either. Don't go see this, you don't want to encourage these people

  • I hate that it’s going to make a ton of money bc that’ll make JJ, Kathleen and Disney think they actually make good movies.

  • Christopher Jones says:

    First the Enterprise, and now a star destroyer? What is it with Jar Jar making space going vessels submersible?? If he wants to do future Das Boot, he should do it!

  • UltimateBargains says:

    FemiNazi is a failed ideology.
    "As long as people believe in absurdities, people will commit atrocities." — Voltaire

  • Months before the release of Episodes 7 & 8 or the latest Marvel, we got some heart-warming media story of a terminally-ill fan whose last wish was to see the new film and the studio arranging a feel-good story…

    Now, two months before the release of Episode 9…

    Terminally-ill fan: "I'd rather die"

  • The truly sad bit is that picture at 1:53 could be used at most of the large liberal companies around the world in these days as portfolio image of the directors board. And of course they all want the same, feminist power and diversity or in short "get rid of the white,straight guys ASAP".

  • And this is why people should NOT see this movie, I mean do anything you can imagine but resist seeing this movie. Let Disney and the rest of the liberals, SJW's and feminazi's know we will not go into the darkness. We will be strong and we will be better.

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