Dave gives you his final thoughts on the Canyon Aeroad CF SL 7.0 Disc. Is it worth your hard earned money?

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20 thoughts on “Canyon Aeroad CF SL Disc – the best budget aero bike?”

  • Thanks David, nice review. …sounds a bit like an advert, but in the same time I can hear, that this is your true opinion about the Aeroad. I personally like the clear lines and the overall aesthetics of the Aeroad, even though it's from 2015.

  • Btw., regarding "budget aero bike": currently you can buy a Cannondale SYSTEMSIX with Ultegra Disc and Fulcrum 400 35mm alloy-rim wheels for 2400 EUR (bike24.de; Sep.2019) …But I personally much more prefer the shapes and the look of this "old" Aeroad, a modern Classic, imo. I would go for the rimbrake version, though.

  • captain pugwash says:

    This bike doesn't have flat top profile handlebars, the vision bars on my aero bike allow me to get in a full aero position with my forearms rested on them out in front of me and thus with your body being the largest thing going through the air are the biggest aero gain, making this bike much slower than mine.

  • NYSam_OP KOF98UMOL says:

    people fail to realize that manufacturers dont make affordable Aero bikes at all, this bike is the best option for racers who cant spend 8000$ to compete, also it should force all other bike companies to lower their prices regarding top end bikes

  • In some of the B-rolls, the camera angle is shifted way too ofte, 500millisecond cuts are way too fast, unless it is something super hectic that's happening

  • Mitsuru Obata says:

    I am riding this bike (although the version is slightly different)

    I agree that it is very fast and comfortable with this aero road bike.

    However, one thing may bother me

    It doesn't matter to me, but the bike's frame and fork are not yet on UCI's approved list.

    I will not race, and if I do, I will go in a race unrelated to UCI.

    However, this problem may be a problem for those who plan to buy this bike.

    What do you think about this?

  • How much more aero will bikes get? If CFD is this advanced & most models have adopted very similar frame shapes, what will there be to change next year?
    My question really is, how can the high cost of R&D/wind tunnel testing be used as a reason for high prices of aero road bikes?

  • Top marks on production quality and getting out there riding them Dave. Your reviews are way better than those by that tubby chap with the red face on the other channel.
    Aeroad still looks quite modern, its only those cables/hoses sticking out at the front that makes it look like a Gen1 Venge/S3. £400 and 0.5kg more for disc over rim could be a deal breaker for some – but you do get a 62mm rear wheel on the disc model and a 58mm on the rim version, so it looks more "pro"!! Surely Canyon have a new version coming out soon that marries aero, compliance & lightweight – like latest Venge?

  • Sturla Jonsson says:

    Did my own research and a bike with the same components (i.e Shimano 105) GIANT PROPEL costs 700euros less? That is a price from a shop whereas Canyon sells direct?

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