Not going to lie, when I first saw this game a few months ago I wasn’t interested since they only showed hack and slash stuff, nothing special…BUT NOW look what they’ve added…it looks so good. I can’t wait to get this along with Persona 5 Royal. It’s amazing how the have made this much Persona 5 content in such a short space of time!

There seems to be an interesting story and new characters for this game which I’m looking forward to seeing and also new music!

I post all of the spiciest Persona 5 Royal/Scramble news and information here on my channel, if you are interested consider subscribing and if you don’t then you’ve killed my vibe and that’s wiggity wack yo.


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3 thoughts on “Persona 5 Scramble Gameplay Trailer ! 1080p 60fps”

  • I have a playlist with all the latest Persona 5 Royal/Scramble Information, make sure to save it or subscribe so you get to see them:

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