The Quest Kids board game is LIVE on Kickstarter! Check out the campaign NOW:

The Quest Kids is a new fantasy board game adventure for children 5 years old and up. In the game players will control up to four of the Quest Kids as they explore the magical Tolk’s Cave to find treasure, scare away monsters and discover magical items, all while helping their fellow Quest Kids along the way. The Quest Kid with the most magic stars at the end of the adventure is victorious!

Featuring kid-friendly fantasy art, simple rules that allow for independent play by young gamers and a campaign mode that slowly escalates in complexity, The Quest Kids is the perfect introduction to board games for the little dungeon crawler in every family.


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Here are a few of our favorite Quest Kids adventure videos:

Mason and the Water Tornadoes:

Flint the Dragon’s Spooky Friend:

Ivy Helps a Silly Pirate:


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4 thoughts on “The Quest Kids Trailer – A Family-Friendly Fantasy Board Game”

  • Just had a look at the kickstarter looks good, but wondering why it won't fulfil till this time next year? Sounds like the majority is all ready to go. Thanks:) I only ask because my soon to be 5 (3 weeks) year old loves playing boardgames and even took to a beginners room or two of hero quest. But a year is a long time to pass

  • The Quest Kids says:

    The Quest Kids Board Game is LIVE on Kickstarter: Please let us know if you have any questions in the comments below.

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