The 2019 Triumph Scrambler XE bundles some of today’s best adventure-riding tech into a $15,400 package with Triumph’s classic visual appeal. But how does it hold up to the MC Commute? Ride along with us, and find out.

Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC ($14,000) and XE ($15,400)

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46 thoughts on “2019 Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE MC Commute Review”

  • Peter Abou Gharib says:

    I sat on one yesterday, I really like it. Best feature, it's tall af. I'm 6'5" 280 lbs, and I don't look like a gorilla fucking a football on it.

  • Walter Wilkins says:

    Minor point, but this Scrambler, as opposed to the other “classic – retro” models, has shed the tank’s pinch-weld – looks a lot better, long overdue.

  • I really enjoyed riding this bike. The best in the Triumph range I reckon. Suspect build quality and corrosion issues still put me off a little though. Even the demo I took out had wonky handlebars!

  • Britishshooter says:

    Well to all those doubters out there (like the cynical ​@youtube can eat my ass with a spoon- how do you feel NOW wanker?) Ernie Vigil comes in 5th place in class and 17th overall in the 1347 mile Mexico 1000 race without a single mechanical failure on the bike except a faulty BIB mousse which nothing to do with Triumph. Pretty bloody impressive for a totally stock unmodified bike. In doing so he pissed all over scores of genuine race bikes and Honda XR650R's etc (the beloved favourite of ​@youtube can eat my ass with a spoon). Rule Britannia!

  • I have split a lot of traffic just like this rider is doing …but if you start thinking about it? It can freak you out ….Let me ask you this…have you personally ever hopped out of your car at a stop light? Maybe you did not recall putting the gas cap back on at the gas station you just pulled out of? Maybe you need to grab your phone out of the trunk cause you had been at the gym and forgot to grab it again before taking off? Maybe you and a passenger are swapping real quick for whatever reason? (driver needs to use phone to navigate or make a call etc we called it "the chinese shuffle" or some such) …Have you ever popped the door open to toss out a leaking cup of something? Or even to vomit? Pregnant women are famous for this ….my wife did it 50 times! Or it seemed like it! a BUNCH of times anyway ….The point is? It DOES happen…Rarely? sure …but…..ya know? Good reason to do it SLOW as hell! LOL …no? Watching this video might slow you down….a LOT~~>….bonus silly example~~~>

  • TelepathicRabbit says:

    I, for one, am woefully upset that you veered-off the traditional MC commute route. Steve McQueen would’ve ridden right through the construction area.

  • It's 2019..stop complaining about prices. Agreed the XC is where my money would go, but that's a riding preference.
    Global economy affects pricing..import and export tarrifs, but nobody wants to remember that little 500 charge when they sign for a British bike, or how the Italian bikes hide it in their costs too.
    Japanese bikes? Well they got you too. Harley? They are inflated to mask the import and export of goods and services to countries like India and China. Wake up and smell the paper.
    I own two Triumphs, two Kawasaki's and a Harley, before the 'hate' starts flying. Do some reading folks and stop complaining about the price of bikes in America.

  • Dear MC, longtime fan. Requesting you guys to to please do proper video reviews. The commute series is ok for maybe a long term review, and honestly is a very dull video to look at….like every other guy with a gopro on the chin of his helmet.
    Sorry to come off too critical, i really like the channel, and also was looking forward to the 790 review. But without any different angles, shots, etc, cant see the bodywork, cant see how he rider sits on the bike..seems dull and hard to concentrate on the words too.
    Love you guys, and hope this wasnt too harsh

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