The Above the Best Film is based on the #1 Best Selling book South of Heaven using the real footage to create an unprecedented immersive documentary-narrative film. The film tells the story of Apache Fighter Pilot Dan Flores and his year deployment to the most dangerous valley in Afghanistan. A stunning, eye-popping glimpse into the life of an Apache gun ship pilot during his year in the fight in the Hindu Kush Mountains and the Korengal Valley. Through actual, aerial combat footage and corresponding video from soldiers on the ground, the film will bring the audience in the cockpit and on the ground at the same time like no other film in history. See why Army Aviators say they fly “above the best” and the lengths these folks will go to protect each other in the most dangerous place on Earth.


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5 thoughts on “Above the Best”

  • Faith Vazquez says:

    Wow I had no idea about any of these stories. I’m glad I watched this film, it taught me a lot and gave me a new perspective on the complexity of war!

  • Kayla Carpenter says:

    Above the Best is a great mix of both the surreal and humdrum aspects of combat. The film maintained my attention throughout the entire duration without distorting the realities of battle, as other movies within the war genre tend to do. Highly recommend watching this.

  • Alex Buitrago says:

    Awesome documentary. Didn't think I could like Salzberg anymore than I did yet here I am. Super impressive the way he is able to direct these documentaries. Oh and did I mention they used actual footage??? 10/10 would recommend if this is your cup of tea

  • Great Doc. My great uncle was a huey pilot during Vietnam. In 1966, he was shot down by an RPG somewhere in the Au shau valley and did not survive. Mad props to all the flying warriors out there, past and present.

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