With his former pack in danger, Cahal returns to find Endron, the energy arm of Pentex, installing an extraction site and destroying the forest around his Caern.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse – #Earthblood will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in 2020.
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44 thoughts on “Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood | Reveal Trailer”

  • Oliver3168Large says:


  • Werewoke: goes to china,india and south east asia then hmmmm……………………… let me guess NO!!!!! its dah ebile capitalist west!! fookin low iq left at there best!!!

  • An entirely pre-rendered trailer after years in development with no gameplay AND a political agenda you're trying to push. This game is gunna suck.

  • So this is what werewolves have come to in fiction. From a cautionary tale against cannibalism and reverting bsck to our animal instincts, to furry ecoterrorists. I see vampires aren't the butt of all jokes anymore.

  • Fianna? really? Is this work of the Weaver? the Wyrm? I feel like you are sending mixed signals or just have no concept of the lore. I'll wait for the reviews and the discount bin.

  • One thing i noticed about Werewolfs in world of darkens is that most of them use weapons. And some even wear some armor.
    I always imagined them as just savage claw swipers based on the VampMasc games.

  • Trailer intro: *RL morale preaching*…

    Me: sighs and mumbles yet another game and fantasy world, that try to force me to constantly think about the exact opposite of why I enjoy "games" and "fantasy"… "Serious issues" and "Real life issues"! 🙁 If I want to be reminded of that in my downtime, I'll read the news… at least that isn't a serious and real issue, in a fantasy and entertainment setting.

    I play games and enjoy fantasy settings, because in the brief moments of time I get to escape to escape the real world and it's issues, and not having to worry about actual wars, catastrophes and climate collapse.

    But I believe in freedom, and this is clearly the game the people behind it believes will sell the most, so god speed. I completely respect that choice… but that doesn't change the fact, that I personally had hoped for something entertaining that I could use for escapism, and I'm disappointed that it's clearly not going to be what I expected. (Or in other words, I'm not complaining and expecting a change of direction… and just stating my personal disappointment, after finding out that this product clearly aren't what I had expected, and explaining why… Hopefully for Bigben, I'm the minority, and the game is going to be a success… Because if it is, there is a chance that these types of games get popular, similar to the "Zombie Boom", and someone down the line might make a game more in line with what I had expected… However, I got a really hardtime imagine what type of mainstream audience that would find a fantasy world, that focuses on preaching reallife issues, so interesting that it would create a global interest similar to the "Zombie". Again, seriously, I hope I'm wrong)

  • The Devs said this guy is suppose to be from the Fianna tribe…
    Last I checked the Fianna do not care about the environment, let alone would they call themselves "eco-warriors." As much as I want a Werewolf the apocalypse game, this is clearly not it. I'll pass and keep hope alive that we will get a REAL Werewolf game before the prophecy of the Phoenix comes to pass.

  • Werewoke… please don't be SJW's ridden garbage filled with their politics. I just want a good game from WoD. Fight your Swedish blood, just for once, and don't screw it up with your country is insanity.

  • What an awful trailer

    Everyone who doesn't know WoD Werewolf won't play it, the imagery will drive them off. It's cringey af.

    And it actually says nothing about the game other than, "HEY, it's Werewolf!"

  • Vampire get's another open world mmo lite, with all their clans, we get a single player game with one playable character…..I guess we at least get something for once.

  • William Lewing says:

    Well with this and VMB 2 I wonder if they will bring back Hunter The Reckoning, if they do I would like it to be first person. Would like them to make more World of Darkness games.

  • Havalina Chiel says:

    * Emh *. I hope that the wolves somehow reappear in Vtm2 , too .
    And yeah – the wolves are all for environmental aid and saving nature . I get that . Fully . Alright , alright .

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