23 thoughts on “MediEvil – A Behind the Scenes Look with Other Ocean | PS4”

  • You want to make this game as we remember? I don't remember Zarok beeing so funny at the start..
    You see lvls,we see much more of…a hero!

  • Demonix Realms says:

    0:25 "You don't want to deliver an exact replica of the original game"

    WRONG! That's EXACTLY what we were HOPING FOR just with updated graphics!

    (Smh… When will developers learn 🤦)

  • Why isn't it still possible to buy a physical copy of this gem in Poland? This game deserves more marketing and merchendise – People here loved the original game back in 1998 and, for sure, they would like to buy a proper remake…

  • The original is scarier they should have kept the very dark ambience with just torch as light source instead of that blueish childish colorful.

  • Medieval Richard says:

    I for one can not wait for this! I have it on pre-order for my PS4 Pro. I played it back in the day and will be in the modern day. However, this time being even better!

  • I really still can’t wrap my head around why they wouldn’t do 1 AND 2 idc what anyone says there’s no excuse for it except to release it later to make twice as much money crash and Spyro remade THREE games for one price. There’s. No. Excuse.

  • Comparing to the new Crash and Spyro, this one looks very bad. This kind of graphic quality reminds me PS3 or even PS2 games.

  • I am very very excited for this game, I’m not really a fan of the new effects you get when hitting enemies I like the meaty sound + the green blood and dismemberment but maybe that’s still to come, I hope so. Also Sony PLEASE give us a physical collector’s addition!

  • "We wanna deliver what people remember playing". Well I remember green blood, dismemberment and satisfying meaty sounds when slashing enemies, why remove that entirelly then? That changes the feel of the combat to a very significant degree, which by the way is the thing you'll be doing the most. You shouldn't bastardize such an integral part of the game and call it a "faithful remaster". This is not a "kid friendly" game and it was never ment to be. The second instalment which expanded the idea of dismembering enemies proves that point.

  • I dunno, the game still looks REALLY rough around the edges, and the framerate still looks unstable since the initial trailer. Environments look too empty too, as if it was just in alpha

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