It’s been 3 months since the Oculus Rift S virtual reality headset launched. Now is a good time to recap the good points and the bad points of this headset. Hopefully some of the information in this video will help you make an informed decision on whether this is the right VR headset for you…

01:07 – Oculus Rift S Comfort
01:56 – Oculus Rift S Audio
02:52 – Oculus Rift S Content & Games
03:59 – Oculus Rift S Setup
05:14 – Oculus Rift S Specs
06:30 – Oculus Rift S IPD
07:53 – Oculus Rift S Controllers
09:05 – Oculus Rift S Tracking
09:59 – Oculus Rift S Tips
11:21 – Oculus Rift S 3 month conclusion

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44 thoughts on “Where Did The Oculus Rift S Go Wrong?”

  • Pere Comellas says:

    Hi, is possibilities of a new revision of Rift S in a few time ? . I am interested but I don't know if is a good idea to wait a little more… Thanks

  • I have a 70mm ipd. No problem here tbh. I have to find the sweet vertical spot thought. And fix it there. But im sure everyone does.

  • The Oculus Rift S is my first PC VR headset. I really like how it doesn't need external tracking stations or cameras. The tracking system works surprisingly well regardless.

    Also, higher resolution is definitely a plus (especially compared to the PSVR).

  • Xander Johnsen says:

    so what i was wondering, if i can get an oculus rift for 250 USD ca, and a rift s is going to cost me 450 USD (curse you norway), which should i realisticly go with, i get that there are many benefits to the rift s but the 250 dollar rift comes with 3 sensors. any reply help.
    Ps this is my first ever experience with vr, even if its bad im not sure if i would notice, my pc is also beefy so that wont be an issue.

  • Lol I was gonna get this but then saw you couldn’t adjust the ipd. Just ordered a Pimax 5k+. Will be my first vr headset.

  • Georgios Skokos says:

    Dude you just destroied my dreams 🙁 I was looking on rift s for a month and now I found I have 56 IPD ! So going for htc vive or oculus rift…

  • I debated on getting a quest or Rift S, I ended up getting the Rift S. Seeing all these new things for the quest has made me really sad and kind of regret my decision. Should I be like this or is there still things to be had with the Rift S?

  • I just cannot figure out – do you have a dick in your mouth or ass.
    For a headset that requires so much modding to be good – you are pretty positive.

  • I know Rift was 90hz. Now its 80hz. Valve Index is 120hz. Anyone feel naseous with 80hz? Anyone think 120hz is the real solution to VR motion sickness?

  • Racing & Railways says:

    Thanks again for these style of videos as I always find them very informative and used your recommended DisplayPort extension cable to help with my setup of my new rift s.

  • David Husberg says:

    So what I´ve understood from this fine review I need to look at another headset due to having kids due to the difference in how far apart our eyes sit!? Is that correct? Thanks for the review mate!

  • Hsan Najib's Space says:

    I've been using the Rift S for ~1 month now. It has surpassed my expectations (I upgraded from the Samsung Gear – yeah I know, you can't compare). I regularly get so lost in a game (Lone Echo, for example) and before I know it I've been playing for upwards of 2-4 hours.
    One Recommendation: Remove the batteries from the hand controllers when not in use. I was getting 'low battery' regularly and replacing the batteries. Since removing the batteries when not using the Rift S, I haven't replaced the batteries and I've been going for about 3 weeks now.

  • Hans Oliveira says:

    I currently own an Oculus Rift but I'm considering moving to a Oculus Quest considering its new finger tracking technology and that it doesn't have cables. Though I do have a powerful PC, so would it be a waste?

  • Just ordered my Oculus Quest a few days ago right after hearing about the Oculus Link, till then I was going to eventually wait for Vive to show their hand this year and was going to get the Rift S. Till then I never really cared to consider the Quest. But where the S really went wrong for me is getting ride of the OLED which for me is rather important. I'm not just a gamer but also a major movie viewer so the Quest being able to use Amazon Video over the S also was something for me. But had the Rift S had OLED I would still be buying the S and not the Quest.

  • heyiamfortune says:

    I'm still debating whether to get a Rift S as my first PCVR.
    I love the simplicity design and cheap price. However I heard there is an issue with it as you play game for a longer time, such as static graphic and losing tracking.
    I wanted to play VRChat especially. And scared it will ruin it for me.

  • i got the rift s over the quest as i don't really have an interest in playing low quality games, the tether doesn't really bother me that much and the quest is going to be tethered to play the pc games anyway. looks like they are compressing the image quite a bit to get it to work on quest so quality will be lower, and you have to wait till November with no guarantees things will be good straight out of the gate..i am a long time pc gamer and first time VR headset owner, it didn't really grab me until i had the chance to try it out and i was instantly blown away. i think thats whats missing now, the fact most normal gamers just haven't had a chance to try it..i think this technology is going to be big this coming decade…if i am buying one for the first time, i think a lot of people will be.

  • Jarno Matikainen says:

    Rift S went wrong with that headband and ability to use proper around ear headphones. Plastic headband blocks use of any good headphones.

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