Experience a desperate fight for survival in Negative Atmosphere, a 3rd person survival horror set aboard the gargantuan space faring vessel the Rusanov. A mysterious epidemic has overwhelmed the ship and transformed the confines into a nightmarish hell-scape, its cause unknown.

Among the victims of the plague, including the ship’s malfunctioning and afflicted artificial intelligence’s is a doctor by the name of Samuel Edwards. Edwards is one of few survivors of the tragedy; an ex Canadian Space Pioneers regimental medic with a grim past of campaign service. You will need to navigate through an increasingly hostile and desolate ship environment where resources are scarce, munitions are few and the only way is to patch yourself up with your own two hands- so don’t lose them

Release: TBA / Windows Pc

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source: https://mirchigossips.in

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6 thoughts on “NEGATIVE ATMOSPHERE – New Gameplay Trailer – Upcoming Survival Horror Game 2020”

  • Sunscorched Studios says:

    Thanks for the share DT, much appreciated! Could you maybe use a more up to date thumbnail though, the one you used is from EGX and all footage models and assets from that build have been scrapped and redone from scratch.

  • FYI, the devs have said the game is meant to be a direct, spiritual successor to Dead Space if it wasn't obvious by now? It's not a "rip-off", and wears its inspiration clearly on its sleeve.

  • It looks like a Dead Space rip off but since Dead Space is pretty much dead(no pun intended), i guess that's welcome, certainly much better than another boring walking simulator like a lot of these indie "survival" horror games have become

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