18 thoughts on “Nokia 9 Pureview One week Review | Miss Opportunity | NO Fluffs NO Passes !!!”

  • Kevin Whiting says:

    Nokias phones or cars… Have had both… The old stick Nokias are best phones ever built straight up… Preview looks good but it lacks SD card big miss there that's a must for a lot of ppl..

  • Kevin Whiting says:

    There's no reason to buy the LG v50 5g not going to be reliable for at least another year and like you said you're having trouble even purchasing the phone… I keep my phones for 2 years I was really close to getting the pixel 3 but it being so damn heavy and having that massive chin was just a huge turn off the v40 almost bezel-less lightweight & on pie now thru Verizon I'm so happy I got this phone… you and Juan Carlos were the ones that got me to buy the v40… You do all those comparisons between the phones with great detail and that gimble that followed your movement was dope asf….

  • إلياس الدوسري says:

    Following the tradition of old like It's previous windows phone flagships. None are point and shoot cameras. Ironically I'm watching this on my green Lumia 1520 😀

  • Totally agree with you! Not including a headphone jack on this was a total missed opportunity. This could've been a content Creator's dream. Great analysis Eazy!

  • Good informative video as always👍

    I could'nt miss hearing that you mentioned the place here in Norway where the World Rallycross Championship is being held this weekend. It's in an actual place here in Norway called…Hell, and they are racing like it this weekend.
    Sorry, but I just had to mention it.🙄🤐

  • Its a great phone the regular photos are very flat you get the same ones you get as raw are incredible the sharpest I have seen from any phone no edited needed lol Thanks Eazy !!

  • Gadget Goddess says:

    Nice video I see your hard work and your videos are getting better and better. I'm enjoying watching you grow Eazy. Editing skills on 100%!!!

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