45 thoughts on “Half-Life: Alyx – Angry Trailer Reaction!”

  • Thanos Fonias says:

    How dare you say that u give HL too much credit!!!
    U were the chosen one..
    Kidding aside HL3 is the holy grail for us dinosaurs. 😉

  • SCG_Fenris Wolf says:

    I see 14 year olds running around with iPhones for $800. And you can't afford a VR headset? The good ones like Odyssey+ start at $250…

  • Valve: gamers this is for you!
    Us: Naw man we not dumb, this just another calculated business decision. Vr market is still untapped, so why not sell VR headsets with proper specs. Using a half-life title to hyper-drive consumers.

  • Puffy the Destroyer says:

    Even though i'm not really into VR, but half-life or not..
    On the technical side of things: this could potentially be a good test run to see if Source-2 does prove itself a good successor to the original Source engine (& not just VR games). both in graphics, but also further fixes, tweaks, and programming capabilities than the original Source had as well…. potentially.

  • Virtual building map … long winding stairwell dimmly lit down to single roomblacked out full of head crabs … son of a bitch that would be freaky as fuck 😂

  • oh i'm not sure about that Joe. I think a BUNCH of people are gonna buy this xD It's a freaking full fledged Half Life game that is gonna come out in 4 month time. Especially if people who actually like Alyx and VR, wich more and more people are getting nowadays.

    People are gonna eat this up regardless of taste, Joe. Mark my words

  • You know why I hate this

    1. I dont have money for VR even though ny latop is capable of it (dont really like it anyway)
    2. We've been waiting almost 16 fucking years for the third one and their still cockblocking us!!

  • Jacob Suchandsuch says:

    Does other joe enjoy being a part of this channel? He seems bored and out of the loop all the time, like hes just looking for the money.

  • Christopher Sholes says:

    There are huge theories that this game will be both set before and after Episode 2. They made a point to say you need to play HL: E2 before this. The line in the trailer from Eli is from the the end of HL: E2. There is a new voice actor for Alyx, but it is specifically credited as "Young Alyx". I think we are in for a huge twist once this game comes out!

  • 12:42 Joe…I felt that. I have to correct myself all the time with those "men" statements.

    2019, man. 2019… shakes head in disappointment

  • Paul Naughton says:

    Valve has a track record of only moving forward when they want to try out and test some sort of technological or computational innovation they want to develop. Think of physics and Half-Life 1, the Gravity gun in Half-Life 2, and so forth.

    That or Epic Games is actually hurting Steam an appreciable amount, which I strongly doubt.

  • too bad its vr only, 95% of gamers will never play it 2000 for a new computer and 600 for a headset??? waste of money for one game

  • Ghost Busters/Terminator/the next Bond……. Now I get to have a vag and breast in VR. Are male roles as the lead character being erased from movies AND video games? Anyways my Oculus has been collecting dust. Got tired of demos and my eyes baking in the heat.

  • I’m glad that the AngryJoeShow show has a hard critic. You need a difficult to please critic to showcase what it takes to truly please them.

  • IndoSmokeNMoney says:

    Great clickbait! Keep smashin those likes and keepin up with the game that is about the length of "Half-LINE 2" (whatever that game is). Maybe some story about only a half a cocaine addict? We can only speculate.. As much as we can speculate how helpful this vid actually was or can be in the future!! All i can say to AngryJoeShow is "do better!" We've got enough "click-baity" channels out there. Have something informative for once…

  • REALLY not interested in Half-Life: Alyx VR, ONLY 1.03% of Steam users have a VR head set, and it's getting lower every year, why would you make a VR Half-Life game only?!

    We want a Hal-Life 3, we are waiting to long already.

  • Time for Bethesda, Activision,EA, Blizzard and Bungie to step a side and let a Real gaming Company show you how it's done! 😀

    It's not a Half Life game until Gabe gives his seal of approval!

    So we all know this will be Very Good!

    Can't get angry over this!

  • Bill Killernic says:

    It will suck like all FPS kinda games in VR why? How are you suppose to peruse the damn map? clicking in front of you? or are you supposed to use your VR hands while on the same time using the joystick to strafe run to hide or evade etc? its gonna be a series of "stand in that corner" scenes…

  • The big one want an average boring point and shoot shooter hl3.

    No thanks I'll take vr, I played enought mouse and keyboard shooters. Nothing new there for years.

  • All Oz accents… where are the Kangaroo? Apparently no loading screens – its all seamlessly integrated, you dont notice the switch between maps. you dont have to wait until the loading screen finishes. Oh and if you have followed 3D you will know that gaming manufacturers hardly support 3D now. The public has lost interest. VR WILL go the same way.

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