The popular classic board game Mills also known as Nine Men’s Morris, or Char Bhar is finally available with online multiplayer.

Get the app here:

A simple but demanding strategy game where you try to form mills to remove the opponent’s pieces to win the game.

Online multiplayer 👥
Play online against players around the world. No login is necessary.

Offline multiplayer 🆚
Play offline against your friend on one device in our hotseat mode

Computer opponents 👤🤖
Test your skills against three different computer opponents.

High Scores 🏆
Compare your ELO and your game statistics with other players.

Classic Board Game 🎲
Mills is a game that – just as checkers, chess, backgammon, dominoes, ludo or mahjong – needs to be in every serious board game collection.

Mills is a fast strategy game that is easy to learn and offers both beginners, kids and experienced players strategic challenges for your brain

If you’re an advanced player already, try to win against the best players online.

The game is also widely known as nine-man morris, mill, mills, the mill game, merels, mulino, merrills, jeu du moulin, trilha, merelles, marelles, morelles and ninepenny marl or cowboy checkers in english and other languages

The main alternative variations of the game are three men’s morris, six men’s morris and twelve men’s morris however, they are very similar to this version of mills.


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