Milestone has released a trailer detailing the joining of official teams in Supercross the Game 3. Let’s break down the trailer and see if we can glean any new information from it. Supercross 3 releases on February 2, 2020.

For the very first time in the series, the Monster Energy Supercross official teams can be joined during the career. Choose your sponsor or join one of the official teams of the 2019 championship and become a teammate of the official riders.

Unleash your creativity and create infinite tracks with the powerful tool of the track editor. Your tracks can be shared and downloaded, voted and used for offline and online custom championship.

This year you can live the great CO-OP experience, riding with your friends in the legendary Supercross Test Area in California. Train, race or roam free on the biggest area ever!

Create the best Online Competitions controlling and managing multiplayer races. Choose the starting positions, assign penalties, decide the race settings, modify the final race results and choose the cameras to focus on.

You can now create female custom riders from different models and use them to be the next Supercross champion.

Monster Energy Supercross 3 is more Multiplayer than ever. Enjoy a new multiplayer experience with the dedicated servers and discover the Race Director mode.

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