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4 thoughts on “Mortal Kombat Sindle Gameplay Trailer REACTION”

  • oh no, you said "sindle", it's "sindel". Where did get this video from, even the title saids "sindle". And about the Age-restriction it's because of the "fatal blows" and the "fatality", change the color or something when gory scene come up

  • I'm so glad you reacted to this! Sindel has been either my #1 character, or tied for first place ever since her initial appearance in MK 3; she looks great in this latest installment, and I'm thrilled to see she's back!
    There is a couple of things I'm worried about, however, and that is that it looks like, first, they made her fighting style overly reliant on multiple-combo moves that are chained together and usually extremely difficult to chain together, and I've always hated the fact that so many fighting games are using super-difficult combos more and more; it sucks a lot of the joy of just playing the game out of it.
    And the second thing is that they seem to have taken away my favorite move of hers, which is the stunning scream, where you scream at an opponent, and then they are stunned for 2 or 3 seconds, giving you some time to deliver a few unblockable hits or take a quick breath and re-strategize if you're losing the round.
    With both of those things put together, that makes her a far less fun character to play, in my opinion, but hopefully I'm wrong about these (totally unnecessary, IMHO) nerfs, and I can still enjoy playing as her… We'll see, I guess, and I'll see you later! 🙂

  • Hey, I know you've already got a lot on your plate in terms of reactions and anime watching, but beastars is an awesome anime that I think you should check out. I'd love to see you react to the OP, its very unique and the music is very good.

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