Smart City Plan is a modern city builder game: Plan zones, roads, public transport like trains, trams, buses, subways and even the hypertube. Set taxes and policies and implement smart city technologies. Generate a sustainable city and take care of your citizens.
What can you do in the game
Public transport: Trains, trams, buses, subways, hypertube, and more
Decide policies about energy and water usage, insulation, smart garbage management, taxes, etc
Write laws about gun control, anti-corruption, pollution, speed limits, gambling and more
Turn your city literally green by enforcing the usage of green living walls
Attract special industries like space companies
Solve traffic problems with an array of utilities and an intelligent road/rail building method
Unlock sandbox mode to place every building exactly where you want it to be
Zoning for commercial, industry, agriculture, office, and 3 types of residential areas
How it works
Start by creating a few roads and specify zones where your citizens can start building their homes, shops and companies. Once everything runs fine, your can start expanding your city. Extend it by providing public transport for your citizens and implement policies. Ensure everything is taken care for: Pollution, noise, crime, waste, water, energy and so on. Your assistant will help you by guiding your through the process of doing all this easily.

Developed and Published by Ambiera

Release: Early 2020 Windows Pc

Game Website:

Steam Link:


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