2019 is coming to an end so it’s time to look forward and see what 2020 games you should be looking out for! Zoe Delahunty-Light does a run down of the biggest games coming out next year, from those with firm release dates to others which are a bit vaguer in nature. From #Cyberpunk2077 to #TheLastOfUsPart2, there’s plenty to look forward to!

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46 thoughts on “20 2020 Games To Watch Out For – 2020 GAMES TRAILERS”

  • So excited yet nervous about Elden Ring partly because the expectation is set so high after Sekiro and partly because I'm not usually a fan of open world games. Regardless I'm sure I'll be pre-ordering the moment it goes online with or without more info lol

  • Ellie being even more inarguably gay than she was in Left Behind, non-binary gender options for cyberpunk 2077 and an actual, real-life trans protagonist in a video game. I love how much more diverse games are going to become next year.

  • The Sleepiest Daves says:

    just an fyi, ive found running at 1.25 speed seems to make for a more natural vocal speed. Seems much closer to what we hear on the livestreams imho.

  • I honestly think I might burst into tears when I start playing Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

    1. Ori and the Will of the Wisps – I will cry
    2. Final Fantasy VII Remake – I never played the original but have wanted to, so I'm excited for this.
    3. Animal Crossing New Horizons – Aw yis, plug that shit straight into my veins.
    4. DOOM Eternal – I need to quickly finish the first game but I'm looking forward to this.
    5. Cyberpunk 2077 – Eh, not fussed really but I'll have a look through a streamer once it comes out and see if it's for me.
    6. Marvel Avengers – Haven't been really interested but I'm not writing it off until I actually have look at it.
    7. The Last of Us Part 2 – Not on my radar because I don't have a PS4 and haven't played the first game but gonna keep an eye on it.
    8. Halo Infinite – Again, not on my radar because I haven't yet played a single Halo game except when I tried Halo 3 for a few minutes.
    9. Dying Light 2 – Haven't played the first one so I'm not bothering with this either.
    10. Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines 2 – Haven't played the first game but intend to so I'm looking forward to this.
    11. System Shock 3 – Again, I haven't played the first 2 games so I'm going to pass on this for now.
    12. Skull and Bones – I was excited when it got revealed originally but now I can't get myself to care really. Maybe I'll have a gander when it comes.
    13. Tell Me Why – I haven't been paying much attention lately on game announcements so I didn't know about this before I watched the video but I'm looking forward to this a lot.
    14. Spiritfarer – Looks cute so I might try it but I'll wait until it comes to make a final judgement.
    15. Way to the Woods – Looks interesting so I hope it's good because I want to play this.
    16. The Dark Pictures: Little Hope – I haven't played Man of Medan but I will when I can, so this is on my list.
    17. Elden Ring – Didn't know about this until now, so I'm gonna keep an eye out but don't know if it'll be for me or not.
    18. Little Nightmares II – I've been meaning to play the first game like forever so I'll play this after I've played the first one.
    19.Ooblets – Looks cute but I'm not sure if I'll actually like it or just get bored quickly. Keeping an eye on it though.
    20. Watch Dogs Legion – Haven't played the first two games but when they announced this, it piqued my interest so gonna keep an eye out.

  • kingofthebottleshooters says:

    So, definite purchases (subject to further information and reviews remaining positive, obv): Tell Me Why and Cyberpunk; TMW largely because it's Don't Nod, although it does sound interesting in and of itself, while Cyberpunk has won me over from the footage released so far.
    Probable purchases: TLOU2. This is probable rather than definite because I still haven't finished the first game, so I've been avoiding much of the footage and info released so far to avoid spoilers as much as possible, plus I suppose it's always possible I'll wind up not liking the first enough to want to stick around for the sequel. I suspect that won't be the case though, given Naughty Dog's track record (and TLOU's reputation).
    Maybe's: Final Fantasy, Doom Eternal, Avengers, VTMB2, System Shock 3, Spiritfarer. Final Fantasy is a series I've never really clicked with, but the remake looks a bit more my style; Doom Eternal looks a hell (pun not intended) of a lot of fun, but probably not essential; Avengers sounds like it has potential, but the staggered content over several years plan makes me wary; VTMB2 looks good, but I'm not familiar with the franchise at all; same for System Shock, which I really only know as a spiritual predecessor to Bioshock. Spiritfarer looks charming, but I'll wait for more info.

  • TLOU2, CP2077, Halo: Infinite, FF7 Remake and Ghost of Tsushima are the games I'm most hyped about in 2020. Don't Nod's title looks interesting too.

  • Steven Sutanto says:

    14:39–14:41 Misaka Mikoto in Little Nightmares universe, 14:43–14:45 Misaka-san wearing yellow raincoat, 14:51–14:52 Misaka-san & Mono (I don't know which To Aru universe character is similar to when I write this comment), 14:55–14:57 Have a safe journey, you two, 14:58 Misaka-san, what the heck are you doing?, 14:59–15:00 Be careful, you two!, 15:00–15:01 Sensei, they did nothing wrong, please forgive them!, 15:01–15:03 Shaking ground (earthquake?) and TV showing bright screen…
    We'll see whether Fripside perform the ending of Little Nightmares II or not.

  • originalboxelder says:

    Half life, animal crossing, doom, and the last of us, all in one year and all my favorites! The only thing missing is Mario and Kratos.

  • The Bowser one says:

    Told people 2019 sucked for gaming. You already forgot half of what came out. Nobodys still talking about devil may cry for example lol. 2020 is stacked with solid titles and even new sony console

  • 6:17 You're fooling yourself if you think she's willing to go this far over a girl crush. Sad to say, but it's probably Joel. Just like Ellie, the player would want to follow through to the end if that were the case.

  • "Elden Ring is a collaboration from George R. R. Martin…" I won't allow myself to be excited about this until the release date is finalized. (You won't fool me again, GRRM!)

    I'm ready to throw my 2020 money at the FF7 Remake and Persona 5 Royal.

  • Play Positive says:

    Too. Many. Games! I must play them all… Wonder what announcements we'll see at The Game Awards this year and how they'll affect this list

  • So far the three games I'm looking forward to are FF7 Remake, Persona 5 Royal (Western release), and Cyberpunk 2077. Those three have been on my list for a while

  • The only game I'm really excited about is Ghost of Tsushima, so I'm a bit disappointed there was no information on it in this video.

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