Official RAID Teaser Trailer and RELEASE DATE Confirmed! – Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Welcome back to Ghost Recon Breakpoint. In this video we’re discussing the teaser trailer that was recently released for the first raid coming to the game, project titan. The release date is set for the 28th of November so we don’t have long at all to get ourselves ready. Let me know your thoughts in the comments, I hope you enjoy the video 😀

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33 thoughts on “Official RAID Teaser Trailer and RELEASE DATE Confirmed! – Ghost Recon Breakpoint”

  • Dandre harris says:

    This raid is going to be shit.i hope y'all are not dumb enough to believe that a game thats shit is going to miraculously spawn a awesome raid. It's going to be mediocre and boring. Maybe a behometh that takes an hour to beat nothing more

  • Hi Mate. I play on XBOX and when i join to a co op missions i receive the mission that the person send me to know what mission im in. Can you tell me if you know what i need to do when i invite player to help me and the misson im in. Thanks. Greetings from Portugal

  • Screw that annoying puzzle shit. Hope it's more tactical on how to complete it. Wondering if you'll have to have one of each class to balance out the areas.
    That skinny chair leg shaped guy will probably show some where, the one at the end of the campaign, forget his name.

  • Ok.Time to play this game again,have not play this for 3-4 weeks since i got 252 gearscore.I need my last trophy.Enter the raid👌

  • Is the gear level 150 just a recommended level or does all members of the squad have to be 150 as a requirement to access golum island

    * to go to golum island not nessecary take part in the missions etc, just to loot and explore

  • That is a new drone. If you player the story line it states the new drone. I am upset I cannot do this raid. I am a single player.

  • If anyones looking to join the Raid with people add Donk1990 or search YouTube for ADF RECRUITMENT

    ADF is a veteran led milsim group on ps4

  • John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt says:

    Ubisoft can't be stupid enough to go 2 games in a row with no match making for raids… but either way, just gonna join to get platinum

  • Bill, I wouldn't be surprised that we're going to meet Midas here(?) Now the question is: if it's true how are we going to encounter him as a new boss or as a prisoner or… Holt says he's seen Midas run away. Mind you this is just a hunch but I think it remains quite quiet about Midas he is still missing… And for now, no one knows where he's hiding in the Titan?

  • I wonder if they'll finally drop a skill where you can actually play the game for more than 10 minutes without a WHALERS error!?

  • Terrell Chrisp says:

    I went over there and seen wolf's and they where 250 and i think u have to drive a boat over there cause if i can take helicopter over i just going to blow stuff up

  • Helicopters 🚁 will not be available to use on Golem Island 🌴 your squad will enter by boat then it’s on foot or vehicles from there as you traverse the island and it’s bases. The drone you see towards the end is a Titan drone, you’ll need to work as a team to bring this epic behemoth down so bring your A game and garlic bread.

  • You lied to me, I have to unsub as the hurt is so bad in my heart. Cannot wait its gonna be sweet. that 46 secs has more emotions than shitvision2 whole story hahaha. Thing is even though faction missions are repetitive I love doing them I have completed all tiers and its nice.

  • In the Paris release of the game they showed the raid gear and I think there is a video that shows off a little bit of it joraptor showed bits of what is released

  • I wounder if you will be able to get to the island in different modes and not just boat, so you can strike from different vantage points? Just hope I can find people who want to play it properly and not just run around like lunatics lol.

  • I wonder if they will finally drop a skill where we can hack a drone and use it for ourselves to counter the other drones 🤔😱

  • A: I want to jump in… because Paratrooper.
    B: I see the AI fireteam we haven't gotten yet.
    C: Walker is dead. However comma short pause… Stone and Miles' bitch ass are not. Either of them would probably be the type to cower behind the tech that we need to assume is part of Titan.

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