Photoshop recently became 360 friendly, which means you can now get your 360 photos to look BETTER THAN EVER using the awesome editing tools inside of Photoshop on your 360s.



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38 thoughts on “Make Your 360 Photos LOOK BETTER FAST! Photoshop Tutorial”

  • CtrlAltDelicious says:

    Hey Ben, after I made the layer into a panorama layer the whole image turns black, do you know whats going wrong? Thanks.

  • Esteban Falcón says:

    great tutoril, ben. tx!! one question i have the thetha v witch shoots only jpg. i'd love to shoot raw but right now my country is in a middle of a economic crisis so i can't afford for a new 360 shoot raw camera. any tips for jpg? tX!!!

  • Hi Ben, thanks for the video! Is this editing process possible with all 360 camera types? I've been using a GoPro Fusion… Thanks!


    Great video @Ben, It saved my time. could you please send me a sample dng image photoshop project? FYI.. You can share via google drive.

  • sixthisoverdrive says:

    Thanks for the tips…you are a life saver. Any tips for how to get rid of the chromatic aberrations. I have an insta360 one x, and I am shooting in raw. I click on the chromatic adjuster in raw and also dial down my purple and magenta, but my outdoor shots are really bad Just going to test if it helps shooting in hdr instead of raw). Also, not sure if it’s just me, but I’m not really happy with my image clarity when viewing at 100%. All the videos I’ve seen they never talk about how bad it is.

  • rikky faqurras says:

    Hello Ben
    could you do us a favor! By making the same video but this time using Affinity Photo.
    WHY!? my computer wont let me use Photoshop so i only have Affinity Photo to work with..please…
    Thank you.

  • Genesis Obtera says:

    Hi Ben, question though.
    How can you fix the horizon for 360 images in case it is not horizontally aligned?
    Looking for your videos but no luck. Looks like you better create a tutorial on this one as well. Cheers!

  • Hi Ben, thanks for this tutorial, it helped a heap… BUT I am using CS6 and the 3D menu is slightly different. I have managed to open the file and make all changes but "Export Panorama" doesn't exist, I only have export 3D layer which does not export as a jpeg. Do you know how I go about exporting with CS6?


  • hi bed, the tutorial is brilliant and as made it look so simple for me to add text within my 360 photos. however when i open my 360 image in photoshop, it will not allow me to click on the spherical panorama view. infact, it wont let me click on ANY of the 3d tools, am i missing a step? thanks

  • 360 Miracle Virtual says:

    I would like to ask you how to fix a company logo on the left or right margin of a 360 photo without it being deformed and fixed in the margin without rotating when I move the photo?

  • Simone Digonzelli says:

    Hi Ben! Great quick drive, I needed it a lot. I have a problem however, when I export from Photoshop and amount in my smartphone, the photosphere is displayed with a rotation of 90 degrees, I do not understand why. Thank you

  • Serpent Tongue s says:

    I got the message "could not edit textures directly. please open the texture and choose an editable target layer to proceed" WhAT AM I DOING WRONG?!? X(

  • Hi Ben. Your work is awesome! Really learning a lot from your channel so Thank You for that. A BIG THANK YOU!. Though I am a little puzzled on after enhancing 360 in camera raw, do you get an off balanced seam? If you don't, I'd like to know how are you fixing it? I think you may have mentioned it in one of your videos but there's so many I can't remember which one. Again thank you Ben for all your efforts on being creative with 360 Photography. And showing that a little silliness can result in fun incredible 360 photos. Nice going.

  • Nice trick! Much easier as convert the equirectangular image into a cube and get the Down-side, fix it and rebuild the equirectangular panorama…. 🙂

  • Hey Ben, thanks for the tutorial! Couple questions.1) After I edit, close, and save the equirectangular window, I tried to go back to re-edit some things and it wouldn't re-open. How do I re-open it?2) Also, how do I save the changes so if I want to re-edit in the future it has all the edits?Thanks!

  • Tanvirul Islam says:

    Thanks bro for the information. I read comments but did get answer from you. How did you stitch raw photos before editing photoshop. thaks

  • Sabás Mendívil says:

    i cant use the healing brush, it says Could not edit the texture(s) directly.

    Please open the texture(s) and choose an

    editable target layer to proceed, you know why? thanks, great tutorial tho

  • Thanks for you amazing tutorials !

    I have still one question though. I'm using a Mac, and I didn't find how to stitch raw pictures taken from my Mi Sphere… When choosing jpeg, my iOS app does it fine, but I don't have any solution for DNG (raw) files… Do you have any tip ?

    Thanks !

  • I noticed whenever adjust highlights and shadow in spherical map, the color correction line will be there. Anyone has the same problem?

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