23 thoughts on “Dota 2 Hero Spotlight – Grimstroke”

  • havent played him at all yet, but if this hero has a dash, its time for the moba community (smite, league and dota) to combine forces and stop this mobility madness.

  • Yet another boring design from Dota. This hero was taken straight out from Japanese's Kabuki figure with zero creativity to make him an original character and not just a straight rip-off. He uses a brush. Cool! Wonder what unique things he can do with brush and ink? Well he uses that brush for ONE skill the "stroke of fate". His auto attack are standard lame-ass "throw random stuff from hand". None of his kits making use of his unique trait that he uses brush and ink. The skill set and character design doesn't match.

    This is the reason why League was more successful than Dota, and it has nothing to do with which game is better, it's simply the fact that League cares about their game more than Dota. They care about their characters and design them to be original and interesting (at least before they targeting kids with all the kindergarten stuff), their characters are interesting and creative, while Dota heroes are bland and boring except for a few. Just look at all the new heroes that isn't from original dota. Oracle and Arc Warden is a complete joke of a design, like some guys was drunk and just draw some crazy alien shit on a paper then gave it to valve. Underlord looked like a jungle creep and lacking any actual intimidating feeling of Warcraft Pit Lord. Winter Wyvern, Dark Willow and Pangolier was painfully mediocre. And next you guys gonna have Mars which probably gonna be Spartan. Guess what YOU GUYS ARE 10 YEARS TOO LATE! 300 came out in 2007 not 2017. You guys are way too late to the party!

  • That Martin Guy says:

    Changes to Grimstroke have been made since this video was released. This list will contain those changes (not including number changes, since they are very frequent)

    Ink Swell: No longer disarms, silences or makes the target immune to attacks for the duration. The explosion stun and damage is now based on for how long the ink tendrils have been attacking, instead of for how much damage the spell has done in total. This means the spell can reach max effectiveness even against a single hero.

    Soulbind: Now also leashes the bound targets, preventing them from using movement abilities like blink dagger or town portal scroll.

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  • Just wanna say that reading the 2:25 skill tree is pointless if you're not going to give any opinion on that. Just make it visible for like 5 seconds and finish the video.

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