9 thoughts on “Windows server 2016 Licensing”

  • It doesn't make any sense….. you run the same software with the same functionality in 8 cores, 16 cores or 160 cores, with no extra cost for Microsoft, and you have to pay more just because….is the "license scheme"? Outrageous. Imagine….you go to a gas station and the price of gas depends on the number of seats in your car….. where is this world heading to??

  • This is the most reason why I preferred Linux/Unix server rather than Microsoft OS. No CALs, cheaper, more reliable, minimum DoS attack nor virus. And… no heacache in the future because of microsoft did something terrible with their messed up update/patch!!!

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  • Strofi Kornego says:

    Give me a single reason why I should pay thousands of pounds a year for the single license – when I could all the same functionality or better from free LInux server distro?

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