12 thoughts on “How to use the TEXT Function in Excel”

  • Thanks for the very useful and informative tutorials. It is so kind of you to share this valuable knowledge. You deserve my respect and my unlimited gratitude.

  • Hi I am working on two sheets but there is some cells are getting correct answer and other are showing NA error i am not able to sure both refrence file format is number or Text How i can change format of data


    Thanks for educating the community and appreciate your volunteer-ship

    Is there no function in Excel to REVERSE a word or string like

    ABC to CBA

    'How are you' to 'uoy era woH'

    Thanks a lot

  • I have a CSV file, i need to add "0" at first number entries in the cell, for example i already type 0812990088, as default excel only read 812990088 (without 0) then i tried to add ( ' ) in front of 0 and become like this '0812990088. after i saved the CSV and re-open it again, 0 in the front of numbers not appear, even i changed format cells as a text. How to keep 0 still appear on CSV format ?
    Please advise sir

  • Hi Alan,
    Excellent informative videos. Please keep doing them. I have signed up to emails and the e-book.
    I'm a newbie but picking things up with your helpful videos. Can I ask if you have copies of example worksheets with formulas so that I can follow the steps in an interactive way whilst watching the videos.
    Also how do you insert /split a cell without affecting the cells underneath that already have formatting? When I try it affects the below formatting especially if the cells have been merged/centred. Apologies if this is so basic but I'm just starting out at age 50 so a bit late to all this.
    My intention is to learn how to produce both weekly and monthly production schedules which include job numbers, people, job status etc.Eventually I will calculate dates which are over due and total jobs per month/year. Eventually link monthly/ yearly to a graph but haven't got round to graphs yet lol



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