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Want to learn microsoldering, but don’t know where to start? We have an online microsoldering course hosted at Udemy called The Full Curriculum. The course goes over all of the basics of microsoldering to help you get started. Make sure that you purchase through the links below to receive a discount.

Microsoldering: The Full Curriculum:

Equipment used in this video:

Getting Started:

Recommended Tools:
Hot Air Rework Station (Quick 861DW):
ZXW Tools Dongle Software:
Microscope (AmScope SM-4TPX) :
Nano Soldering Tweezers (JBC NASE-1B):
Dual-port Soldering Station (Hakko FM-203):
Micro Soldering Tweezers (Hakko FM-2023):
Microscope Camera:
Digiti Multimeter (Uni-T UT139C):
DC Power Supply:
DC Power Supply iPhone Boot Cables:
Best solder (Kester 44 63/37 0.031″):
Best Flux (Amtech VS-213A-TF):
Green Solder Mask (Mechanic):

Essential Microsoldering Accessories:

Touch IC Chips (Meson):
Iphone Backlight Components:

Where to get parts and supplies:

Nguồn: https://mirchigossips.in/

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