25 thoughts on “iPhone SE in 2019…does it still hold up?”

  • Has been brilliant for a couple years of use, but now it's starting to take a bit of a hit… battery is doing awful now, 20 minutes of taking photos kills it from 100%-0%, and the phone lags and glitches kinda often :,) swapping to android in a couple days instead for a cheaper contract with better battery life & a similar camera quality, but for a bit less of a pretty device lol

  • My 5 year old brother has an iPhone SE. I have 2 phones and I have an iPhone 8 and an iPhone SE. (I'm not bragging. I am just recommending both phones.)

  • Apple, what about us I pad users, I have had every I pad ever made I think, now on the Pro2, I use my trusty SE for a phone, I pad connection and notifications, I really love my SE, ALL other phones are to big to carry in my pocket, if I want big screen I of course use my I pad, in my back pack, signing docs etc, please please make a new SE, same physical size as before, my old SE battery not so good, I will buy a new one no matter the price, as they say, size matters

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  • Where can I buy a brand new SE online ? I currently don't have a phone and I don't want to spend more that 200 on an iPhone right now . I plan on saving up for the SE 2 and if its the same Size as the SE , I'm going to buy it . Till then , I want the SE .

  • Thank you! I gotta decide what to do as my SE shows more download and app problems (based on mandatory app upgrades that I didn't ask for and don't need; ugh!) I very much appreciated that you came at this overall question from the "form factor". Several people smile at my phone with glee as they remember how much they loved that shape, size, feel, and look. (Others gawk with ridicule at the "ancient product"). Beyond form, as a non-power "phone" user who'd rather spend my money on laptop/desktop/office power, I "just want a phone". (of course, even I don't want JUST a phone nowadays…but I don't need all these bells and whistles mandated at me with their huge price tag). So to your question: YES, Apple (and any other companies listening)– please come out with a solidly adequate SMALL FOOTPRINT LOWER COST BASIC PHONE (and hurry!)

  • It’s practical and all I’m prepared to pay for a phone. I like the size and have iPads which air drop back and forth. Sorry I didn’t buy a few SE models. I’ll take iPads and the SE. Phone in pocket. iPad in satchel.

  • I ordered this phone last week and it arrived today. I have a main phone a Samsung which I adore but wanted a backup phone so just chose this. Have always been a Samsung/apple girl so it didn’t take me long to set up and know how to use it. I didn’t realise how small this phone is but it’s actually not an issue, I have big hands but can type with no problems. It doesn’t bother me how old this phone is and how it came out 3 years or so ago, as long as it does the job I don’t mind

  • #1 biggest turn off of any new iphone for me is faceID – If someone get's ahold of my phone they can unlock it by pointing it at me. Especially if the person is law enforcement or a hostile government.

    And if you close your eyes you're double fucked cause now they can just mess with you or take your stuff.

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