34 thoughts on “Heroes 5 Expert Playthrough 1, part 1 of 5”

  • Michael Whity says:

    So i watched all your playthrough, and i gotta say it was some hilarious shit to watch, after your big mouth at the start. So you claimed, that Heroes 5 is infirior to Heroes 3, and desperately tried to portrait Heroes V, as a game that can be won only through "exploiting", OP stuff in the game(and later we found that was just your excuse, for being bad at the game). Yet.. right from the start, you choose an easy map, choose the most OP hero(from your prespective), got the most powerful magic(in your opinion), and still you had to constantely load the game, and constantely got your ass kicked, by a clearly weakned AI.

    And so the conclusion is clear, and all the cards are on the table. You claimed that the game was won, only by exploiting OP stuff in game, because you cant win any other way, except by using those exploits, and even then you FAILED. But ofcorse the experienced players of Heroes V know its not true, you can win with any hero, and without using Summoning magic. Its just that YOU are bad… REALY bad. Again i watched your entire playthrough, and your the worst player i have ever seen. To the point that i was surprised you didnt lose, even on this very easy map, with a clearly weakned AI(from killing eachother).

    It was also hilarious to watch, after you claimed Heroes V was all about exploiting stuff(which is not true), when you proceed for the rest of the video, to constantely cry about the most broken exploitable shit in Heroes 3, not being available(in the same exploitable form) in Heroes V LOL!. You for example cried about "Diplomacy", not being available. Diplomacy being one of the most broken dumbed down shit within Heroes 3, and you cried you couldnt get it in Heroes V, so you could exploit the game for an easy brainless win. You tried to twist reality buddy, but it backfired on you. You simultaneously lied/cried about Heroes V being all about exploiting OP stuff, and then during the game constantely cry that no exploits were available to you, for you to use to escape the royal ass kicking, that the weakned AI was putting you through. Your an hypocrite.

    There are so many more things i could tell you buddy, but let me just finish by saying… uninstall the game. You are absolutely correct, in that Heroes 3 is the right game for you. Dont play Heroes 5 again, its not for linear players like you, whom cant think outside the box, and always need some exploit to work around their low IQ, and lack of diligence.

  • Daniel Larsson says:

    remember playing this with my friend for like 7-9 years ago and i just remember it and was like what the fuck was the name for it and after searching for 30 min i finally found it!!!!!!!!!!!

  • could anyone here explain when enemies retaliate in this game and whats real definition of "turn" – when it comes to spell time ???

  • The 3d was an amazing evolution, implementing a very nice visual experience. H3 was amazing (i am sad the tablet Homm3 version is of the initial game, and not of the SOD addon, as it is missing a lot of good content, most imporant the random map generator. We had so much fun in network multuplayer games with this, up to max number of player several times (long waiting each turn 😂).
    But still, the h5 3D experience was a good addition.
    I liked the h4 idea of individual monsters moving alone, but kinda weird.

  • Naadir/Necro is not abusive enough, Academy 3 magic schools rush with 'my mana is neverending' hero was king in HoMM5 with the golems resurected by casting fireball on them as second best but somewhat harder to do in multiplayer. HoMM5 was fun but the terrible map design and releasing an early alpha as finished game killed it. Russian programmers always drunk hey – if memory serves – those cretins even took some 2 weeks collective vacation during the game development 😀

  • Tried 5 and it was garbage. HoMM3 all the way. I can still play that to this day. Idk if i should bother with 6 or 7. HoMM 4 had good ideas, you could make the same towns play totally different depending on hero and path you took. Too bad they didnt flesh it out. 5 shouldve expanded on that.

  • People bash overpowered Heroes in Heroes V ? Did we forget that if you have mass slow and ressurect and town portal in Heroes 3 that you instantly win any game?

  • freethinker4liberty says:

    Best of the series in my opinion.. I spend so many hours on this game, and still can't, but ONLY play maps, no campaigns.. love the HUGE maps.. the only reason I haven't been able to get into 6 and 7 is cuz they don't come with many cool huge maps, if they did I'd spend hours on those too.. before 5, all the heroes were the same, so 5 just ads to it, better graphics, same type of gameplay and creatures, so of course 5 is better even if 3 was a classic, 5 just improved on it. 6 and on are basically different games, but one can get used to it.

  • Tryptic Space says:

    You have a strange way of starting a let's play, by talking about how you don't like the game.

    I consider H5 the best in the series. With 8 fill factions and 21 unit varieties per faction, it has more content than any other Heroes game. It strikes a balance between the earlier games with seriously exploitable mechanics, and the newer games where all of the overpowered strats are nerfed into a flat plain of equality

  • Local Playthrough Store says:

    People take this series way too seriously. Probably they grieve more the "death" of this franchise than their own mother's. I just don't know why peple have this strange H3 fetish when that game also had many problems.

  • y u no like heroes5? It didnt ruin anything and I'd rather play that than play heroes 3 again,
    I think a bit of a problem on it is that it really looks a lot worse than heroes 3 with shitty 3d, but it good cause it new.

  • Adam Grabowski says:

    Youre just a moron for not being able to state an objective opinion about the game, every time you criticize this game is because it is different than your favourite game (supposedly) heroes 3

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