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50 thoughts on “iPhone 5S Tristar (U2) IC Fix – classic won't charge stone dead battery”

  • jonathan french says:

    the sticker on the other side around the charging port connector peeled up and removed 5 components, ill remember to remove that next time as it took a while to solder them back on. Tri star changed now and all charging

  • Vinston Coelho says:

    Hi guys can anyone help me?
    I have a problem that is I have a iPhone 5s which died on me one day and won’t turn onn.
    No matter how much I leave it to charge, even I left it overnight and still did it turn onn so I replaced the battery and the device turned on and also started to charge but it holds charge for only 5-6 hours even thought its 100% charged and then dies again so I thought it could be faulty battery so I replaced the battery one more time and same problem drains the battery within 5-6 hours even if I don’t use it at all.
    Do you’ll think it’s a charging IC problem??


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  • Naiara Pierotto says:

    Hi! I love your videos, I saw most of your stuff online, I learnt a lot from you. I've been in iphone repair business for two years and finally a month ago I started with microsoldering myself. Just a quick question, 5s U2 replaced successfully, but it still same with fake charging and low voltage( but better than before, double), it is annoying me, do I need to look for something else..?

  • Hi, I'm watching Your videos for some time now and I'm having an issue with my Iphone 5s. The phone is not charging, not connecting to computer but when it's turned off, battery plugged in and I'll plug the charging cable the phone is starting. I've changed the lightning port for a new one, but this didn't helped. Can You please give me some advice where to look for problem and how much would it cost to fix?

  • indunil gihan says:

    I have 5s no power it take 0.14 current one time press power button . See video please help me

  • You can get this repair service in India by clicking below link or call directly on +91 9334 077770

  • Can you help me with my iphone 5s please. When my phone manually or auto-lock after a few seconds it turns off by itself and i need to press the home button and lock button simultaneously to turn it on again sometimes it boot loops to apple logo when i turn it on. I tried the DFU mode and restore it but its still the same problem. Help me!

  • Nayef al kurahi says:

    will a 6s that drains fast but charges normal at ~.70 Amps and even from dead battery . Be a bad u2 chip? i tried multiple batteries and charger ports and restores but drains within 2 hours

  • Nadine Edwards says:

    On the off chance that you are a battery repair fan, and would need to get the best manual for your work. I will urge you to go for this very Battery Reconditioning program [Link Here== ]. The rewards are additionally phenomenal. I've not seen a very much characterized and point by point bundle. It's stunning!

  • I have a 5S that was water damaged. Have cleaned the board with isopropyl and removed all corrosion. It now turns on.
    But it doesn't seem to charge properly. If battery dies, when phone is turned on it goes into bootloop until I restore it through iTunes.
    Currently not charging past 6% but I have seen it charge past this, but then battery dies very quickly. There's a few dirty looking capacitors on the back of the logic board.. I assume u2 and have bought a new chip to replace with but I am unsure. Is there anything else I should check before attempting an IC repair? I'm learning so go easy on me !

  • hello sir my i got an iphone SE thatse wont charge after water damaged! iv removed the shields and cleaned with the unltrasonic machine ! the little resistors next to the battery connector seems gone! should i get these resistors? or replace the u2 is enough? hope you can help me!

  • bro can u solve my problem . my iphone 5s is charging very slow and not showing charging sign bt still charging very slowly . what should i do

  • Umar Adamu Jere says:

    i have an iphone 5s that wont charge physical home button dont work …when i turn on the phone using the power button it get stuck at apple logo but when i turn it on by plugin a USB cable the phone boots up fine but still wont charge
    i change the entire entire dock setup and i even transfered the motherboard to a comfirmed working housing with new dock setup but still he above problem presist

  • Andy Fairbairn says:

    Hi Jason I was wondering if you would be kind enough to advise me. I have just done my first 5s tristar replacement. Prior to the repair it worked with a charged battery but not with a flat one and pulled no charge. When unpacking the replacement ic I noticed it was chipped on the edge but I installed it anyway. The job went well with no overheating but the phone is now dead even with a charged battery. Could this be because of the damage to the new ic? Thanks in advance

  • Mr. Ahmed Alhashem says:

    Nice you are smart. This old video. 👍 good job. I have workshop for fix smart phone. Can i make contract with you. I have a lot of phone i can't fix it. Can i send it to you. 👍🤝😊

  • i have 5s, no lcd picture, filters all good, changed lcd driver ic at the back beside nand chip, fpc connector good, what can it be?

  • DW Electronic Repairs says:

    I enjoyed your video. I have a question that you may be able to answer. iPhone 5s water damaged, Emi shields removed, ultrasonic cleaned but phone stuck in recovery mode. I get the apple symbol, then black screen with backlight on then turns off. can't restore get error 5…..any idea what this problem may be

  • Hello Jason, do you know why my phone would have rapid discharge? I've replaced the tristar 4 times and it still is discharging fast. I've tried a known good battery too and it still discharges abnormally fast.

  • Hey I have an iPhone 5S that charges fine and works fine when I'm using it, however when it's in standby mode, it just drains to zero in an hour or so. Any idea what could lead to this problem?

  • hello nice videos can you please show me how to remove the back peace from the back from iPhone 4s ??? please help me or show me a video how to please thank yo bless

  • Hello super tuto !!

    What is the temperature for desoldering with the hot air station ?

    What type of welding flux do you use?

    thank you for your reply.

  • Correct me if i'm wrong , after replacing the U2 IC the voltage from the battery connector should be between 1.3 to 4.2 and you said in the end of the video that the voltage is 0.00 volt which is mean there is no voltage for the battery to fill it ? which is mean that how ever the battery show that its charging it should be fake charring too .

  • Hey man Great video you know I wanted to ask you about a job I had today so I replaced Tristar on a 5S as I always do after diagnostic but the phone was still unable to rise a dead battery, so I replaced the IC again and same thing so I checked voltage on the nearby cap (sorry don't rememebr the numbers) and was 5V everywhere required also replaced the small nearby protector ic and even went ahead and replaced the pmic bro nothing do you have any leads? brand new looking phone btw lol

  • Technical Difficulties says:

    Battery Icon will come on even if the chip is bad… Most of the time it says it is charging but the % does not go up just stays where it is.

  • One question.. I have one iPhone 5s which drains battery in standby mode 2-3 % in 5 mins. It doesn't get hotter. What can be the reason? Is it u2 chip? Replaced battery still same problem.

  • hi great video….I want to know what Equipments you use for soldering and bga replacement…I find very hard in replacing bga chip and many times fail by poor hot air gun….Pls provide your Viber or whats are talented man

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