In this video I walk through my process in building this god oak tree! From the terrain, all the way to the nether portal nestled in its trunk! I added lots of mushrooms, lilypads, and other plants for atmosphere, and even a little owl as a resident to the tree!

This god tree build was constructed in 8 hours of building, over the last 3 days! It is one of my fastest builds to date!

My discord server:

New commands I learned in this video:

//schem save foldername/1
Save your leaves to a folder, youll want more then one
//br scatter #fullycopy[foldername][true] 1 1 1 -o

Craftscript vines:

//cs build vine s10 d.1 l19 b41

Builder’s who gave me advice/motivation/inspiration:

Give them some love!!

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Minecraft version 1.12.2
Optifine 1.12.2
Shaders: SEUS and Sildurs
Recorded with Replay mod, edited with Vegas Pro 14


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